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2008-04 Thursday 24th, Multi-topic news!
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RE: 2008-04 Thursday 24th, Multi-topic news!

I think more mistery and darkness would be great... when I played Overture I had the sensation "what the hell is this place? what can attack me?? is this place normal :|" and it was really great. With BP that sensation fell down a bit with grey, Clearence, Tuurngait...

I still thinks the same... Penumbra 2 in 2008's end or 2009 January would be P E R F E C T. It would be like Half-Life... Half-Life 2... It's not necessary to keep the same character or plot or story... you can do a different story but the same... style... or another story connected with Overture and BP... like other shelter's sites.

Good bye.
05-06-2008, 01:26 AM

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