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The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development
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RE: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development

To be completely honest I stopped really being interested in playing Amnesia mods a while ago, they can still be fun from time to time but I'm just not interested in them the way I once was. Really the only reason I'm sticking around here is cause some of the people are cool and so I can finally finish my mod. And even with that, when I finish my mod I don't expect a ton of community feedback or recognition or anything, all I really want to know is that I was able to commit myself to a story that I thought up on my own and see it through to the end.

And as for giving people feedback to improve, in the time that I've been here I've maybe seen 1 or 2 people in total make a noticeable improvement in quality from mod to mod, regardless of how much feedback they're given. Hell even for me I didn't learn everything I know about the leveleditor from tutorials or people giving me feedback, I learned it by just dicking around in the leveleditor until I did something that I thought looked good, and then repeated it. I guess what I'm saying is while feedback can be helpful there's a certain amount that I don't think any tutorial or person on here can teach that you have to learn on your own.

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