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2008-05 Friday 31st, We've been naughty
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RE: 2008-05 Friday 31st, We've been naughty

Btw frictional; Love the new site. Looks very professional. And what's this?! Two games planned? You guys are moving forward! Bring out the drinks without the rat droppings!

[Image: penumbrarequiem.jpg]
Penumbra Requiem
Fun Fact: It was taken using the HPL viewer, a type of debug program availible for modders.
penumbra requiem img

Penumbra: Requiem - The horror continued in a short but sweet expansion for Black Plague. Experience an intense horror game filled with physics puzzles and deepened story on the events and characters from Black Plague. Penumbra: Requiem is currently in development and expected to be released in August 2008.

[Image: luxtenebras1.jpg]
Lux Tenebras - Not much is known about this upcoming but exiting game from Frictional Games. It is for sure a typical Frictional Game - creative, moody and filled with new and bright ideas. It runs on a new inhouse developed game engine, it has been granted a 300 000 DKK from the Nordic Game Program and it is slated for maybe a 2009 release.
Good news: The 300,000 DKK means they're getting some money (strings included though), which means the game will have a much higher quality than before. They might actually be able to afford Real Coffee, instead of having to use their imagination!

Here's a news article announcing Lux Tenibus (whatever it is) getting the grant, money, or whatever it's also called.

Can anyone translate this?
ʎ∀puoW ᴎo ƃuıɯOɔ oɟᴎı ǝᴚoɯ

And what does "Lux Tenebras" mean anyway? I've tried goggling it, but not much luck.

Please -REP me.
Honestly, please do. I want to see how low I can go!!
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