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2008-05 Friday 31st, We've been naughty
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RE: 2008-05 Friday 31st, We've been naughty

The description meta tag on http://www.luxtenebras.com/ reads
Quote:"Lux Tenebras is an upcoming action adventure game from Frictional Games. Currently in the early stages of production and a release date is not yet set, at the earliest during the end of 2009."

So it will be a very long way since it is done.

It's quite unfair to make us curious now when we will still have to wait for such a long time Wink

Are the images on your sites expected to only load when the browser sends a valid referrer? When I disable referrers in my browser, images do not load with an error similar to
Quote:You came from "(none)" and wanted to go here "/images/site/penumbraoverture.jpg", which you can't because: "403".
06-02-2008, 11:30 PM

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