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2008-05 Friday 31st, We've been naughty
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RE: 2008-05 Friday 31st, We've been naughty

I looked at http://www.simonsingh.net/The_Black_Cham...ution.html you have some facts about english language there (most frequent letters, most frequent words with two or three letters) and a tool helps you count the letters and replace the letters (editboxes could be a bit bigger, but it works).

You have to concentrate on short words (up to three letters) first and make assumptions what they might be (the words "I" and "a" are quite nice to have). Also it is quite save to assume that the most frequent letter (or one of the two most frequent letters) is E. Just experiment with the letters, and If you come to a dead end, start from the beginning, perhaps one of your previous assumptions was wrong.

This is what I did to decipher the the text
Spoiler below!
  • T and U appear in one-letter words, so this have to be I and A
  • F appears most offten, so It might be E
  • QOF appears quite often and should have an E at the last position, so it is probably THE
  • OQTE is THI* or THA*, most likely THIS or THAN
  • OQFZF might be THERE or THESE, let's assume it is THERE
  • FOFZETV is ETER*A* or ETER*I*, ETERNAL sounds great, so U is I
  • WUVFEXF ist *ILEN*E, directly after ETERNAL. It's SILENCE for sure
  • PEF ist *NE, looking at the list of frequent words, it can be ONE
  • Just fill in the last missing letters, it's really easy

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