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Script Help Stuck doing a Jump-Scare script
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Exclamation  Stuck doing a Jump-Scare script

Hello guys, I'm new to this forum. I made an account just 5 minutes ago just to ask for help. I've been searching around for about an hour now about what I do wrong but nothing seems to help me in this situation..

I want to create a jump-scare script in my custom story where a Body suddenly pops up in front of you and disappears again almost instant (in 0.7 seconds).

The body spawns when I enter the script area but it doesn't despawn.. = It activates but does not de-activate like I want it to, also the sound effect triggers everytime I walk into the script-area, and I only want it to trigger once.

Here's a screenshot of the situation:
Print Screen

The script is this:

void OnStart()
AddEntityCollideCallback("Player", "JumpScare1", "Jumpscare1", false, 1);

void Jumpscare1(string &in asParent, string &in asChild, int alState)
PlaySoundAtEntity("", "enemy_hallucination_disappear.ogg", "Player", 0, false);
SetEntityActive("Jumpscare_Corspe1", true);
AddTimer("", 0.7f, "JumpscareEntity_Gone");

void JumpscareEntity_Gone(string &in asTimer)
PlaySoundAtEntity("", "21_scream6.ogg", "Player", 0, false);
SetEntityActive("Jumpscare_Corpse1", false);

Hope someone can help me with this, I will hopefully release the Custom Story when it's done.. I've put a lot of time in it and I hate to get stuck hehe..

04-07-2013, 08:36 PM
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