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My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture
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RE: My thoughts on Black Plague vs. Overture

i really feel overture was scarier than black plague, those infected people were so slow:O u could run backwards from them...
the atmosphere wasnt as good for me then, it was, as many people has said before, to close to the surface, and u didnt feel locked away, you knew u werent locked 100s of miles inside a chamber with no way of coming out, which it was in overture, u felt alone(cept for poor old red, may he rest in peace Sad ) but in black plague u didnt feel alone, u knew there was an infected out there, which u knew u could outrun... and the sounds they made, didnt like it
but on the other hand, if u had no weapons in overture, you would be screwed. for some reasons the spiders really scared me at timesTongue didnt want to pass the corner, i felt a gigantic mutated spider would be just around the next corner all the time, and that really freaked me out some times(had low hp for instanceTongue not fun dying Sad )
but if u compare the music,graphics,difficulty black plague wins the first 2, the difficulty is hard to compare...
black plague was a nice game, but overture is better in many ways.

After Darkness, Comes Light.
07-04-2008, 01:16 PM
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