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Preorder help
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Preorder help

Hi there,

I just tried to preorder AAMFP and I to be totally honest I am a total noob and have no idea what the hell I am doing and I need some help.

I tried to do it on steam and it kept saying my card was declined. It did this 2 times, so then I tried on the Amnesia website and tried a few times there and it kept saying it was declined and in my google wallet it says my transaction is on hold.

Have I just preordered the game a load of times? or am I actually getting declined. Sorry for the noob question I just have never pre ordered and am a bit worried that when the game is released it will buy it a load of times?

Exchange Rate 1.13696

GOOGLE *Humble Bundle,GOOGLE.COM/CH,840
Exchange Rate 1.13688

This is what it says in my card account transactions, there are more, but they are the same message.
08-26-2013, 02:41 PM
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