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AAMFP really scarier than The Dark Descent?
Googolplex Offline

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AAMFP really scarier than The Dark Descent?

Do you mean AAMFP will be really scarier? That's what the devs are saying.
From what I actually saw, I don't believe that. I know, FG never show the scariest things in their videos or screenshots, but it looks like you will be too much time outside. And what should be scary to walk around a street at night? That's actually standard for a horror game.

When I look at the media (screenshots and videos) even "Outlast" looks more terrifying than AAMFP. I think that Outlast will be the hardest concurrent to AAMFP, it will be released one week earlier.

OK, Outlast looks more action oriented with voracious monsters and a lot of blood, while Amnesia has a better gameplay, but sometimes looks too cosy. But as we know, FG always understand how to create scary games - and I think thechineseroom also won't failed. But I actually just can say which game looks more scary to me and this is Outlast - the asylum looks terrifying like the old first three Silent Hill games.

I mean, what will AAMFP do to be scary? Sounds? Effects? Like someone is walking behind an edge?

What do you think, which horror game will become the new scare-king?
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08-27-2013, 06:20 PM
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