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2008-08 Tuesday 26, Penumbra: Requiem
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RE: 2008-08 Tuesday 26, Penumbra: Requiem

After dealing with GamersGate Download service for the last 40 minutes, I can say I'm displeased and requirem-less

"Check your firewall and download *naughty*"

I disabled my firewall mate and got no anti-virus turned on. The *naughty* does it want me to do now, install viruses so it knows I have no firewall?

10:45 Still no luck. I checked their forums and they're filled with similar complaints for varying games; I will try their alternate downloaded once I find out How To *naughty* Uninstall Their Program

10:52 Is the program still a beta? Jesus christ, it has no offline help. It's "help" tab only tells you the version and name of the program (gamers gate that is)
Continuing search of a *naughty* uninstall.

10:57 Found an uninstall; in the link I gave above. The main download offers zero .exe for uninstallation. At all. No start-menu uninstallation, no in program uninstaller. Nothing.
Every single commercial penumbra release has been plagued by problems. Jesus Christ when will it end.

11:01 A *naughty* surprise in this *naughty* orgasm(naughty?) of GamersGate. It still doesn't work, surprise surprise.
GamersGate passed the point long ago in being effectuate or time-saving. Torrents (even with their slow download speed) would be more effective and time saving if it downloaded the game at 20kbs.
I've purchased the game legally at gamers gate, I should be able to download the game legally.
What it feels like right now is they're trying to screw me out of money that I worked for; no download program (steam, impulse, stardock central) has ever given me a bit of trouble in the slightest doubt. Their staff seems to do nothing despite the large amount of complaints.

11:57 After several uninstalls of gamersgate (with registry removels checkin afterwards) and trying both of the installers, I have yet to download the game.
Great program GamersGate; shows potential but horrid customer support.

Please -REP me.
Honestly, please do. I want to see how low I can go!!
Ignore that error message too. Just ignore it and keep going to give me -rep.
08-27-2008, 04:14 AM

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