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2008-08 Tuesday 26, Penumbra: Requiem
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RE: 2008-08 Tuesday 26, Penumbra: Requiem

toyota582 Wrote:
Tommy Gun Wrote:
toyota582 Wrote:WindexGlow how are you downloading the game since it says its not yet available?

I do have couple questions
1. will gamersgate be the ONLY way to get the game?
2. will I be able to burn the game to disc?
3. will I be able to play the game just from the disc later or will I have to connect to gamersgate to play

ok, first, you will need black plague to play.

Secondly, you can burn it to a disk, but its only the components for the installation, gamersgate use a clever security system, so no, you won't be able to put it on a cd and play.

thirdly, yes its the only place to purchase the game.

lasty, you only need gamersgate to install it, after that, you can do watever you like.
thanks. So in other words if gamersgate is down or goes out of business I lose the game I bought. I hate this kind of service because its basically like paying to borrow a game from a company. STEAM is the only electronic downloads that I have ever used or trusted.

No, you download it, (using gamersgate downloader) then from there u install it. So if gamergate crashes, you can still use it if it is installed.

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08-27-2008, 07:02 AM

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