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2013-10 Friday 11th, SOMA Officially Announced
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RE: 2013-10 Friday 11th, SOMA Officially Announced

Two things important for me:

1) Please, no constant noise of the character breathing in the final game, or at least make a option to turn on and off. It seriously annoys me and put me off many games. In fact, the reason for this is because I have OCD (I really do) and one of the "weird" things that really makes uncomfortable in real life is the constant loud noise of someone breathing hard. Please, if you folks really want to have it in the game, make it optional, I do beg you.

2) This one is just a personal option, not a issue someone that bothers in real life, but here it goes anyway: In these kind of immersive horror games, I prefer silent protagonists all the time. To be playing a character that is constanly screaming from a scare, or saying out lout "WTF?" and "OMG!" and such feels silly and obvious and just distracts me from the experience.

Thank you for your time reading it.
10-18-2013, 09:29 PM

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