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2008-09 Monday 15th, Requiem 1.0.1 update and reviews
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RE: 2008-09 Monday 15th, Requiem 1.0.1 update and reviews

Pepsi Wrote:
Óðinn Wrote:P4 2.4 ghz, GeForce 6800 (far from stellar, I know...), XP SP3
I'll try to kill all the background processes that I can...

Mine's almost as yours..

But I have a GeForce 6600 and XP SP2. and 2 gb of RAM
Im not saying this is the cause of all your lagging but the 6600 is extremely weak. there sure arent any other modern games you can run smoothly on that setup. before you say anything my parents have Sempron 3000, 1 gig ram and a 6600 that I gave them a couple years ago. I played the tech demo on it a while back and it was very sluggish even at just 1024x768 and not max settings.

I have 5000 X2, 2gb, and 8600gt and the game lagged when I turned the mouse starting on level 6. turning off motion blur and restarting the game stopped all of that. I finished the game without motion blur and it was perfectly fine.
09-17-2008, 09:51 AM

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