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2008-09 Monday 15th, Requiem 1.0.1 update and reviews
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RE: 2008-09 Monday 15th, Requiem 1.0.1 update and reviews

Pepsi Wrote:I can play Bioshock, Oblivion and others, so why not Penumbra? Wink

I played Overture, Black Plague and Requiem with max settings.. Smile but a 800x600

6600 is not extremely weak.
If 100% is average, 6600 is 85%
a 6600 wont even run many new games like Crysis even on all low. a 6600 is a horrible card and is well below average. hell it was below average for gaming 4 years ago when it was released. also its the MINIMUM for Bioshock. a 6600 and a slow cpu is only playabale on low settings at 800x600 for Bioshock. you live in a fantasy land if you think that a 6600 is decent for modern games.
09-20-2008, 12:25 AM

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