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2008-09 Friday 19th, Next project announced
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RE: 2008-09 Friday 19th, Next project announced

Yes. But I think it's lame to say they are going to have difficulities with this just because they are small. They got some money from the Penumbra series, no doubt.

Quote:While even a single man team can do a lot, the scope is still limited. A 10-man team can do more than 10x the work a single man could do, if communications and leadership is not a problem.

Not true. It just takes time. Have you ever heard of multi-skilled developers? Wink

Quote:The 800SEK obviously excludes cost of living, and cost of creating the other ingame content. It will be interesting to see if Frictional Games grows it's members drastically, or what they spend the money on.
But please; don't try to be another game. I don't want to wait and find out this game is Doom IIII with HPL references.

Cost of living doesn't count in this matter.
I don't know if it is about in-game content etc. But by creating the engine, which I actually think was free, there is not very much more than ads and game content.
So I guess the in game content was included in the cost.
And advertisement was included. Probably was costing the most.

I wouldn't mind if they try something new.
Think of it this way, ALL thei're games, except Energetic. Is puzzle solving adventures. It's 5 games! I would like to have something different from them!

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09-20-2008, 05:50 PM

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