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2008-09 Friday 19th, Next project announced
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RE: 2008-09 Friday 19th, Next project announced

*Sigh. I am about to write something really nasty here, but I don't 'cause that would just get me banned.

I mean it like this, to explain it for a 5 years old:

Making of the game, ONLY the GAME. NOTHING ELSE. Modelling Tools, hiring Voice actors, making the engine. That is what i mean by cost of making the GAME.
I don't care about the cost of getting food on the table or going buying a new TV. The TV and the food certainly have NOTHING to do with making the GAME ITSELF.
That is the RESOURCES for producing the GAME.

I hope you get what I mean. I can't explain it even simplier than that. If you can't read that... Well, then you are not worthy my attention anymore.

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09-21-2008, 06:37 PM

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