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PREMONITION ; "first" RELEASE! Link is Inside. (Updated)
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PREMONITION ; "first" RELEASE! Link is Inside. (Updated)

[url][Image: 2rqbus5.jpg][/url]
Hi to all guys and girls here on Frictional Games forum.

This is something totally different then what i have created before.
Fear Amnesia was like a small house of horrors,
Mental Memorial was a big hospital with jumpscares and great inviroments.

This however,
This has been build for the ones who enjoyed ATTDD and AAMFP.

I tried as hard as a could to get an amazing feeling of a journy, an experience you must FEEL!

This is a mod that needs to be played to immerse you, not to rush trough!

Here is a little about the storyline;

Your name is Richard,
You live in Barrowby in the United Kingdom.
You have 2 kids and a wife called : Rose

You own a private detective agency.
You have 3 people working for you;

Martin, a good friend and great investigator.
Eddie, a young guy who is still an intern and also still is at school.
Sandra, Doing all the administration.
Other charactors i won't spoil.

One day you went to your office and you get an e-mail from Martin.
He went to a new interesting case he found out.
He said he went to a village called : Granthem.

After you get this message you go to granthem yourself.
When you arrived there is no trace of Martin whatsoever...

From there on you will follow the footsteps of Richard.
Spoiler below!

[url][Image: 33ws601.jpg][/url]
Somewhere on the streets.
Spoiler below!
[url][Image: mtupvt.jpg][/url]
Another place on the streets.
Spoiler below!

[url][Image: 2rqy1yf.jpg][/url]
As far as you can see, there are VERY less ATDD object\entities etc..
But on the other hand i've use MFP and almost all planes i've made myself.
There are also:a new Inventory, items, entities, etc.

Release date : Released 31-12-2013 - 01-01-2014 for ModDb!

How to install REDIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWRx4Rh9Wko

How to install Steam { thanks to Bulltramaxx } : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fn3G5jd5Js

Downloadlink : http://www.moddb.com/mods/premonition

Quote:Pictures could have been modified, so some of these scenes might NOT make in to the final release.
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12-03-2013, 04:31 PM
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