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Frameworks not found compiling in Mountain Lion
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Frameworks not found compiling in Mountain Lion


It's my first time coding in Mac with XCode, and I'm having some silly problems, even compiling the OALWrapper.

Main one is XCode 5 can't find the SDL framework, even when it's here (at /Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework). I've tried by manually deleting it and adding it again. But still getting the same 2 errors:
  • OAL_Effect.cpp: SDL_mutex.h file not found
  • OAL_EffectSlot.cpp: SDL_mutex.h file not found

The file is there. It appears in Framewors, SDL.frameworks, Headers, in the project navigator. The same happens if I first include another SDL related header (it can't be found). So, it's not a problem with SDL_mutex.h itself

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance

Sorry, just realized this post should be in the OALWrapper forum. I added it here because I first had problems compiling the game itself. But I reduced the error to this library. Still have more errors to solve after this :-(
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