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I'd like to play a game...
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I'd like to play a game...

Greetings those of you who have found a love/hate relaationship with amnesia as a series.

I'd like to play a game, perhaps in a game show format, perhaps with others.

Frictional games is a genius when it comes to horror video games.

The game is, Amnesia, on the occulas rift.

4-5 participants sit down with the game whoever lasts the longest gets the grand prize with subsequent prizes for stay and determination.

would be best if a third amnesia came out so no one knows what will happen.

the studio can contain tactile and other sensations to enhance the experience.

participants are hooked to a heart monitor while playing that way viewers can see the fear of players.

this would be perfect for a future halloween viewing.
07-30-2014, 07:13 AM
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