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Need some not-horror custom story to play
chicolol Offline
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Need some not-horror custom story to play

I`ve always loved the amnesia mechanics and the"point and click" gameplay that the game is based on. My little sister also likes that kind of gameplay, so i wanted to know if there is any custom story that doesn`t focus on horror at all but still has puzzles, finding keys and that type of thing. Like for example you need to explore a castle, solve its mysteries and its story, find hidden items, but without having monsters or very scary things. Im not really lokking for a romantic type of cs because for me those are kinda boring . Im lokking for a custom story with the same style of gameplay and all the stuff from other good custom stories, but without the horror factor, so that i can play it with my 10 year old sister whitout having to worry to much. Could you please give me any suggestions Smile

PS: Sorry for bad english

UPDATE: Sorry, I forgot to say im also not lokking for funny or stupid custom stories only serious and mysterious ones but without horror stuff.
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08-09-2014, 01:20 PM
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