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2009-03 Tuesday 31st, Unknown in-game teaser & screens
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RE: 2009-03 Tuesday 31st, Unknown in-game teaser & screens

You open the door like in penumbra, there is not a change of the icon in the video that is all. So you do grab the door and move the mouse just like in Penumbra and the same goes for levers, valves etc

But it has all been re-worked and tuned, so for example the door is much easier to use and it is a bit "smart" too, so if you for example swing the door quickly open(which is easier done than in Penumbra) the door will not bounce back in your face, it will stop at the most open position if you have released the hand from the door. Making it a much smoother process if you are running from a monster and quickly have to open and close a door, without messing around or getting stuck and killed etc.
04-01-2009, 11:28 AM
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