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How can you possibly enjoy Penumbra?!
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How can you possibly enjoy Penumbra?!

I bought this game because I typically like games that give me a little scare. I did not expect it to give me a heart attack. Every second during gameplay my heart is racing and i'm scared out of my pants. When a significant event happens like a loud noise or an enemy intimidates me I get chills down my entire body my heart races and i start sweating and shaking all over. Its EXTREMELY unpleasant. I'm so scared by this game I think it honestly might make me break out in a panicked sobbing fit. After playing for an hour (or less) I have to turn the game off. After I keep twitching and cringing and i'm in a very frightened mood.

I get very into games. I feel like I'm actually there as the character and I fear for my life. What I want to know is how you people find it so fun? How do I play the game to actually enjoy it. Right now i'm playing at night with the lights completely out and with very good headphones and the volume up. I figured this would give me the best experience. Should I change anything so that I enjoy the game more?

Right now i'm in the beginning of Overture and I've encountered a dog. I hid behind some crates for 10 minutes and when nothing happened I slowly peaked my head around the corner. The glowing eyes and creepy growly told me he was still there and walking towards me. At one point he killed me. I think he's just pacing back and forth where I need to go and i'm not sure how to avoid him. I'd rather kill myself. Hell is better place than an arctic mining shaft full of infected creatures. I hate this game but at the same time I want it to be fun and I really admire the developers for doing such a good job. I'm sure they intended to scare your socks off. How about scaring your skin off?

Again, what can i do to make this a more pleasant gaming experience. Do you react the same way I do? Should I go about sneaking around less and just running past enemy's or swinging my hammer? Should i play with teh lights on or without headphones? How can I make this more pleasant?
06-06-2009, 09:19 AM
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