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**SPOILERS** "What is all the fuss about?"
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**SPOILERS** "What is all the fuss about?"

I LOVED Reqeium! I liked the ending to it. If you played from the first to the last (I have tech issues with BP but I was soo close to the end I YouTubed it) of the series then you will understand what the endings are all about in Reqeium. The story is really interesting...

Spoiler below!

What started out as a trek for Phillip to find his father turned into a nightmare at wich Phillip's father played one of the biggest roles in. However Phillip has no idea what he is getting into. He finds out that the people in the base were uncovering ancient artifacts and trying to understand them and in the proccess found out that one of them was a sort of collective mind that started the whole "zombie" thing with the people in the base. It began feading on the minds of the people and possessing their minds and bodies to use them. Phillip finds out that his father was trying to tell him to undue what he had done by solving the biggest puzzle there is... Reqeium! Now your like what? How you figure that? Well at the end of Reqeium you decide what actually happens to Phillip and to all the events he went through. From the start of Overture to the end you have been TRAPPED in this hell like nightmare along with all those people! Like Red... Red was first to find out that he was trapped in this nightmarish world. thus he wanted to kill himself however the spirits from the artifact's would not let him but he would not let them to win either. So the only way out of this hell is death. That is where Phillip comes in. He frees Red from his torment but also enters his own in Black Plague. What actually happened to him at the end of BP? Well that is where Reqeium comes in. After you make it through Reqeium you get to chose to join Red and end the nightmare by hitting the enter button on the furnise. Choosing the furnise is the wise choice cause not only does it flash back to the computer Phillip (if you choose furnise you are dead at the lab in front of the computer) was at when he sent out the e-mail to worn his friend and let his friend possibly solve the puzzle to free everyone and keep it from spreading. However if you choose to leave through the door the other end of the room you once again enter the nightmare from the start. Reliving it over and over until you realize there is no other way out, cause once you are infected, there is no cure! Thus the wierd events that happen to Phillip in Reqeium, he is still infected and his mind a plague of the Tuurngait. An ancient civilization I would believe. So I believe the best ending to this series lies within Phillips death because his mind was his own while sending that e-mail and was able to send out a message for help, so that his friend may kill them all! The Tuurngait that is. So that is the biggest puzzle of them all the final choice.. sacrifice or tourment?

I mainly liked it because it REALLY gave you the sense of being alone. Plus all that puzzle solving without enemies was really fun but still spooked the hell out me. I believe those puzzles represent Phillips mind and unlocking his ability to control his fate.

It would have been nice if the whole series was like Reqeium. However it would have been nice to keep the first two with the same obstacles and puzzles. The enemies were really just a scare tactic but most of the game for me was the mystery and story behind the whole thing. This series reminds me of Cryostasis which I did not care for too much because it was linear gameplay the whole way through. The enemies in that game were unnecessary as were they for the first two Penumbra's. I agree it was something new where instead of fighting you hide and outsmart but then again they are on set routes and paths and are easy to avoid anyways. Thus making the enemy element more or less a time consumer.

I would rather have more complex puzzles and mystery to solve and more story and maybe the occasional trippy part that messes with your head, also more dialogue in the next game Frictional decides to make wether it be another Penumbra or another title completely.

Thanks Frictional for the complete mind job! It was well worth it and rewarding as well. From now on and whenever I play this series I will be paranoid and jumpy till the day I find another which maybe a long time seeing as how this was the best I have seen yet.
06-07-2009, 10:12 AM
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