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About horror elements. What's it called?
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About horror elements. What's it called?

Hey people, I've got a horror related question I wanna share, cause I'm really curious if this thing has a name.

How do you call the solution they apply in a horror game/movie
to "recover" the game/movie to a neutral pace after a sure-death scene?

Maybe there is no name for it, but how would you call it?
Let me tell some examples:

Spoiler below!

The protagonist is about the get killed by the monster.
When suddenly he wakes up. It was all a nightmare and the movie goes on.

In that example, to wake up was the solution to get back at cero, or a "neutral state" after
an intense scene.

Spoiler below!

Another example is when in movies/games the ghost jumps to catch the guy and it disappears.
How convenient!

I mean, a monster doesn't scream at your face about to eat you and a moment later you open your eyes and realize he just lost interest and is walking away.

In movies they use another methods to "save" the protagonist from that scene in a way that maintains the immersion or fear of the monster.
Like waking up, monster getting shot by someone, the guy hits the monster with a glass.

So that thing they do to recover the movie/game to neutral state -and not looking silly at it-, what's it called?

12-02-2014, 04:50 AM
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