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RE: Congratulations!

You see, Valve likes to make puzzle games. However, their puzzles rely on "place this box here" or "press this button." They have no time limit or danger factor if you don't push the button or move the box. This makes it incredibly easy and suited for the newcomers to gaming to salivate over.

However, I am not new to the gaming community and feel that a game focused on puzzles so much and forgets to make a good story, program good AI, and map realistic controls and actually does not do the puzzles well is crap. Half-Life was better at gameplay but suffered from extreme monotony. Half-Life 2 was extremely easy and linear. The episodes were better in that they had more atmosphere but the puzzles were still boring. Left 4 Dead is their best game so far but is incredibly short and has no variety in enemies.

Anyway Penumbra owns their butts.
06-09-2009, 06:31 PM
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