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Great Leap Forward.
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Great Leap Forward.

Great Leap Forward.

-1943 September 12th.
They steal the treasure. the others steals it back.
One day you found some weird, expensive looking thing. You took it home.
You tried to hide it.
but you didn't know... that it was the Treature of Ölistra.
They started killing your family. Your life is in danger.

This custom story includes:
- Custom models
-Custom musics
-Custom sounds
-Funny easter eggs
-Funny minigames
-Buildables: Build things to keep yourself alive!

(In progress/Maybe scrapped)
Trample Steam: Build this thing, and jump from skyscrapers to skyscrapers, shortcuts&easter eggs.

MonsterShield Lamp: A big shield you have to carry to take care of the lighting and the creatures walking around.

Maps, you never saw before.
Things you couldn't explain.
Terrifying Worlds...
weird moving things on an unknown planet.
Erupting volcano's
Funnier then funny easter eggs!
You have choices, Secret abilities.
Fly, go through walls, use your "See" ability to see things no one can see.

I also, try to make a lot of good scripting.
I can create my own models, so I make some if I need something. Or I just export some.
I am trying to put a lot of things into 1 map, by doing that, the map gives me more idea's for my other maps.
The story is in modbb.
I am going to update the story line sometime later.
Don't think the pictures is everything my custom story have.
the pictures are nothing. not evne 1/10 of my custom story.
my custom story takes place in: the world war 2, normal, where we are now. and, the future.
I want to tell you 1 thing, in the future, you won't "walk" that much anymore.

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06-25-2015, 08:57 PM
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