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2009-11 Friday 13th(!), Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Getting Cosy
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RE: 2009-11 Friday 13th(!), Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Getting Cosy

I've been trying to spread the word about Amnesia, but it seems a part of the problem is the lack of info readily available on your website (without having to dig through this forum). I've been talking about it on various message boards, and requested to shacknews.com to put it up the new video as a news item, but they would like to have more information readily available to go along with the video. Alice O'Conner, one of the shacknews staff members said this in reply to me talking about Amnesia:

"I put the trailer on FileShack/Shackvideo but didn't know anything about the game and the website wasn't too helpful, and I have an awful lot to do so spending ages digging through forums and blogs and Twitter and whatnot for a game description is a prospect I do not fancy!"

You guys should send out a quick PR email to various gaming sites like ve3d, ign, kotaku, shacknews, and gamespot with a short description of frictional, amnesia, and a link to the trailer!
11-14-2009, 09:34 PM

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