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2009-11 Friday 13th(!), Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Getting Cosy
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RE: 2009-11 Friday 13th(!), Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Getting Cosy

We will put up some more detailed info about the game shortly as things are finally starting to clear up design-wise for us*. However, we also wanna keep a veil of mystery around the game at this point Wink It is quite some time to release (6+ months, we estimate) and just laying out too much at this point does not feel right. We think that it is better to build up with more and more info until release, making the wait for the game more fun (at least we hope so!) Smile
"A Survival Horror game for Windows, Mac and Linux about a guy that wakes up with amnesia, only knowing that something is hunting him", seems like a good start for now Smile Of course there is more stuff to find more those of you who follow the blog, forum, etc, but then we do not wanna give up too much info too easily at this point either Wink

*Making a game like this is such strange process at times especially with some gameplay elements. As our main focus in on the ambiance and horror experience and many mechanics are hard to judge until they are pretty much final. For example, figuring out if some gameplay is scary requires the graphics to be good enough, voice acting to be done, etc. So one cannot just make some simple test build and hope that it will tell if the gameplay does what we intend it to. We have seen great changes in the way one experience the game depending on graphics quality. This makes the development a bit risky at times and we learn if stuff work or not pretty late in development.
11-14-2009, 10:59 PM

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