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2009-12 Saturday 12th, The art of Timelapse.
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RE: 2009-12 Saturday 12th, The art of Timelaps.

(12-12-2009, 05:46 PM)zak Wrote: I like the music very much, too. Will it be in the final game? What is it?
It is music written for the game and it will probably be in the final game at some place!

Grodz Andrey Wrote:I wonder if you will release the level editor after the game is released. That would be great, cuz the editor seems amazing.
The editors should come with the game, or if not by default as an extra download shortly after release.

Grodz Andrey Wrote:And you're going to lay out mp3 from the game or the game menu?
Nothing planned, but maybe later who knows.
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