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meta full conversion mod for amnesia
timmycerise Offline
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meta full conversion mod for amnesia

So I am fairly new at downloading mods and getting them to work from inside the Amnesia game I downloaded from steam. That was the easy part, and I even figured out thanks to YouTube how to get conversion mods such as tenebris lake (the ones containing a windows batch file that launches separately from Amnesia downloaded from steam). So I found another one called "Meta, enter the strange" for amnesia and downloaded it. Every time I try to repeat the same process to be able to launch and play it as i used with tenebris lake, it doesn't launch and an error message usually pops up. When I looked closer at the file for fullconversion_meta, it had an extra thing underneath the main folder called "installation guide" labeled as a DOC file. The conversion mod for tenebris lake didn't have this and I was able to easily extract it into the main amnesia folder and launch the batch file to play it with absolutely no problems. Am I just doing something simple and stupid wrong, I have not been doing this long enough to come across and solve all the problems on my own, and I couldn't find any help related to this online so Id greatly appreciate the help, thank you!
11-07-2015, 02:12 AM
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