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Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion
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RE: Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion

Quote:I can't imagine the Overmind allowing Philip to escape, after telling someone about the facility. And throughout both games, Philip constantly foreshadowed his own death. "The last time I would see civilisation", "the last flight I would ever take", etc. Not to mention, when you're in the boat, it's that crazy mental-hurdle boat, with that recursion picture, like in Black Plague, not the boat from Overture.

With this in mind I have my own theory. I think the last portal of the game is where Philip loses consciousness, and The Overmind kills him sometime after that. After that last portal everything is in Philip's mind, and Depending on what Philip is thinking about: his past before the game (represented by the weird version of the boat), or the horrible guilt about killing Red (represented by going into the incinerator), is what he dies thinking about, and what we see is a physical representation of that.

I'de like to think choosing the door is more canon. First Philip is thinking about Red and the guilt (being in the incinerator room), but then he chooses to look back on his life and be in relative peace before he dies.

P.S It's late, I hope this makes sense Smile
05-15-2010, 03:22 AM
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