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Episode 1:- How do you Baricade Door? [spoiler]
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Episode 1:- How do you Baricade Door? [spoiler]

Hi there...

I am stuck in episode 1... Just after you get the key to the storage room, and unlock it.. when you walk in he goes "hey I need to barricade that door" or something like that... I have tried everything I can think of but the dog still breaks though and kills me.

I dunno if my speakers are not loud enough but he just breaks though, I do not even hear him growl if he is outside for me to turn the light off and hide.

I even restarted so I could walk around the mine casually and find all the metal barrels to block the door instead of the wooden ones witch just seam to explode.. so I have 2 metal on the outside and 2 wooden on the inside..

Still he busts though..

Any ideas... I am really enjoying this game but this is frustrating me and doing things like repeating the entire game to try and find more barrels with out the dog running around is eroding the scare factor.

Happy Adventuring
-- A4L
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04-10-2010, 12:50 AM
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