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2010-05 Wednesday 5th, Insane Amnesia Discount!
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RE: 2010-05 Wednesday 5th, Insane Amnesia Discount!

OK thank you, Jens.
I can't waiting after August to play the game.
I would buy it first in english and if a german version coming out, I buy it again.
I hate games in english but if there are no other languages embedded, I have to buy it, because I'm sure that Amnesia will be a very good game. You are my favourite developerSmile.
But I did not want to pay with Credit-Card or PayPal.
Can I send a letter with 30€ to you and then you send me the game in a box?
I must have the game but I did not knew howHuh.

And is it same easy to translate the ingame texts by modifying the file "english.lng" (or so)?
I have translated Penumbra Requiem in german and can I do the same with Amnesia? The spoken language not must be in german but the texts must be.

Like my Requiem translation:
[Image: oquxb2hy.png]
05-09-2010, 10:43 AM

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