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Problems compiling in Windows
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RE: Problems compiling in Windows

Quote:My penumbra.exe did not generate an hpl.log, but the vanilla one did straight away. I do run penumbra from the redist folder (and the project is linked to it). I tried running penumbra in debug with the breakpoint at hplmain, as you asked, here is the debug error it gives me:


The codes that causes the problem, are in OALWrapper.
This is the code of the 2nd line in the debug stack:
bool                    iOAL_LoggerObject::mbLogEnabled = false;
eOAL_LogOutput            iOAL_LoggerObject::mLogOutput = eOAL_LogOutput_File;
eOAL_LogVerbose    iOAL_LoggerObject::mLogVerboseLevel = eOAL_LogVerbose_Low;
wstring                    iOAL_LoggerObject::msLogFile = BuildLogFilename("OAL.log");  <----(This line)

And this is the code where the crash happens:
#if defined(WIN32)

        WCHAR sPath[MAX_PATH];
            wsTemp = wstring(sPath).append(L"/").append(wsName);
            return L"";
        string home = string(getenv("HOME"));   <----(This line)
        wsTemp = String2WString(home);

This is what I have so far.
I fixed it. The errors it gave me reminded me of the "It just crashes" topic, and I was able to fix if from there. Thanks a lot for the debug tip. Now I'll check what is the easiest way to get it all working and post a little guide, as promised.
07-22-2010, 08:30 PM
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