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Your plans when the Level Editor is released
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RE: Your plans when the Level Editor is released

When the Level Editor is released, I want to put two of my most desired "stories" into work.Big Grin

1. Devil's Point

The portal to hell opened because of all the negativity that humans have on earth has reached new heights, and somehow it managed to connect with hell. Hell and Earth are now trying to become one, and all the souls of the evil people who died have taken the form of zombies, who are now trying to claim the Earth for their own.

You play the role of an ex-priest who has lost his faith in god. There are many reasons to this. As a priest, you always believed that everything happens for a good reason. You always believed that suffering is just a test. That is, until one day, you witness a child killing his own parents because they wouldn't buy him a soda. Suddenly, you think to yourself about why even god allowed such an act to happen.

Because of the sudden turn of events and after witnessing hell open up, you suddenly believe that there is indeed an afterlife. You are tired of all the pain and suffering in the world, and you know that the end is truly near for the human race and everything that you've known if the zombies and demons aren't stopped. You decide that if god won't help mankind this time, it's up to you to do something about it, despite being powerless. There is only one way to stop hell from taking over the earth, and that is to take over hell and rule it yourself as the new god of hell.

Just like in Amnesia, the ex-priest will have the ability to sense evil. This will give him a little time to prepare for the incoming threat.

On your way to hell, there will be places where traps can be set. Traps can be in the form of holes in the floor that can be activated by a lever or a switch. They can be "cages" where if you lead a monster in it, you can lock him inside forever. The main idea will be "Use your environment to trap or kill the enemy."

There will also be boss battles where using the environment to defeat them is the only way to make progress. Along your journey, you might learn of a few ways on how to deal with evil, or maybe collect a few artifacts to help you become the new god of hell.

Environments or "Stages" can range from a house, a park, forest, a city, a museum, and eventually hell itself.

2. Mask

Your girlfriend was found dead, apparently by suicide. As her lover, you know better that it's not in her character to be suicidal because you even had plans for a movie date for the next evening, and in the 3 years that you've been together, you know sincerely that you two were very happy with each other. The police say it's already a closed case as every evidence points to the suicide scenario. Everybody has accepted the fact that your girlfriend has already died, but you know better. You decide to do your own investigation into the matter.

As you begin your investigation, you notice that in the suicide letter, your girlfriend wrote something very peculiar: "I am a mask." Somehow, you feel that there is a force trying very hard to stop you from proceeding with your investigation.

In the game, you will try your best to be just like a detective. You'll inspect things and find clues which will lead you to the next point of interest. You will also uncover hidden items and locations as you try to uncover the truth behind the mystery of your girlfriend's apparent suicide.

What drove your girlfriend into committing suicide all of a sudden? What did she mean by "I am a mask"? What is this strange force that's trying so hard to stop you?

09-09-2010, 09:04 AM
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