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[Complaint] game does not start
Eigenmusic Offline
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Solved: 2 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks ago RE: [Complaint] game does not start

I just want to chime in and say that I have the exact same problem on a near-random basis. I've been playing the game and it has been running perfectly for me (I love it, by the way!), but sometimes when I try to continue my game, I just get a segmentation fault and the game dies after quickly flashing the loading screen. Nothing in dmesg, and the end of my hpl.log looks just like OP's (except the filename, of course).
I just keep trying to load the game and continue, and it usually finally works on the 3rd try. I've checked all the advice on the stickies in the forum, but nothing seems to fix this problem for me; since it eventually works after trying a few times, though, I haven't cared to complain.
Current progress:
Spoiler below!
about to leave the tunnel in the Prison.
09-12-2010, 11:48 PM

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