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Well Done Frictional Games (Spoilers)
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Well Done Frictional Games (Spoilers)

I just beat the game 5 min ago and explored the 3 different endings. Leaving myself behind, using agrippa's head on the portal or knocking down the pillars and walking out of the castle alive in triumph.

Frictional I was hesitant to get this game because I really didn't like Penumbra at all but I have to say that this game was well worth my $20 on Steam.

The environment was incredible and the sound effects were as well. The gameplay was fine for me since I love exploration and puzzles. Not giving me any weapons added to the tension.

When I first played the game I tried so hard to stay alive because its so much more intense that way. Unfortunately, I died to the water monster in the old archives. After spinning the wheel to open up the gate and running through, the bastard impaled me from behind as I was trying to push open a door that was only pullable. Oh well, I failed. Tongue

I'm not a picky gamer about every little detail and I took your advice to just immerse into the story and keep going. Well worth it. Thanks.
09-11-2010, 12:03 AM
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