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Doubt about a puzzle idea (script)
sabrinagsoledad Offline
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Doubt about a puzzle idea (script)


I was thinking in make a puzzle in one of my maps. I dont want a complete script just a few questions about an idea.

I want to make a puzzle of a breaking in a specific order some vases. But not all! just a few in a specific order. If the incorrect vase is broken then restart all over again.

But then raises some concerns.

1. I supose I should start the "game" calling for a breakup function on the level editor on my "first" correct vase...

2. If I want to make a reset in making a error I supouse with a chekpoint before the event? that checkpoint should have an auto save? or the chekpoint is enough to make the vases unbroken again?.

3. And which leads me more doubt is... how to make a specific order. Should consider the if statement? If setprophealth == 0 in my second vase... and keep going?...

Thanks for the attention.
03-07-2016, 12:20 AM
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