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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full Walkthrough 2/3
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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full Walkthrough 2/3


Now, before we exit, take the orange gear that sits on top of the box to
the right of the Flow Machine. We're going to need this for another puzzle
on the floor below. Just carry the gear, go outside, then turn left, and
throw it downstairs. Grab the nearby gear resting on a pipe just outside
the Flow Machine room and throw it downstairs as well.

Go down the stairs and we'll solve the next puzzle to get this Elevator
running! Take the two gears you just threw and then throw them into the
next room.

Power Room Solution:

As soon as you enter the room with the big machine, turn left. You'll see
a barrel and a box. Behind them is another orange gear hiding. Grab it and
put it in the middle of the room with the two other gears you got.

Now that we're done with that, look at the table with the candle. There's
a note there, read it. It just speaks about Daniel's increasing fear. The
people he talked to about the orb were all killed, and he knows that
whatever it is, it wants him dead next. His only hope is Alexander.

Enter the next room. It has a lot of coal in there. Check the shelf on
the right to get a tinderbox. In the corner of the room is a barrel of
oil. Go ahead and replenish your supply.

On the ground, you'll find some balls of coal. Grab three balls of coal and
take it to the room with the large machine. Near the wall is a burner
with a lever. Open the hatch and put in the three balls of coal. It will
say that it is now full of coal. Pull the lever.

Next, on the other wall is a machine where it's missing the wheels. Well
you have the three orange wheels with you, so just grab the wheels and
put them close to where they'll fit and they'll be attached automatically.

To the left from where you put the wheels on the machine is a lever, pull
it. Good job! The Elevator is back in business!

Now make your way back up. The whole place will start to turn into red
organic matter! Just keep running and then get out of the Machine Room!

Back Hall

We're not back in the Back Hall. No point sticking around! Everything's
turning bad, so just head straight for the Elevator to our left! Enter it
and then pull the lever!

Unfortunately the elevator crashes.

XIII. Prison Exploration

After getting up, move forward and you'll have another flashback. Alexander
tells you that this is the prison where he keeps the criminals in. Move
forward towards the door. It's blocked by debris. Move the rocks and the
wood away so that you can open the door.

Go through the door and move forward. Something loud and frightening will
happen so quickly run back to your starting room and hide in a corner for
a while. After a while, continue on and go back into the prison hall.

You'll really be forced to light some torches or use your lantern here
since it's extremely dark. Anyway, just move forward and then take a
left. The sign above says "Area Cellas 1" Or "Cell Area 1".

You'll find three ways to go: right, straight up the stairs, or to the
left. Go left first. Move on and you'll find two doors. The one on the
right is broken. Enter it.

Inside this room with the broken door, there's a hammer under a bed, take
it. Go back outside and enter the room in front of you. You'll find a
bottle of oil in the corner. Now for the important part, remember this
room! This is going to be our hiding place if we encounter a monster all
of a sudden, so make the usual preparations for turning this room into
our hiding place.

Exit our designated hiding room and turn left. Move towards the door and
suddenly there will be a loud banging sound! Quickly hide in our room and
wait for a while. It may be nothing, it may be a monster, it's better to
be safe anyway.

Once you're ready, get out of our hiding place and go back to the place
where we can choose to either go up the stairs or into another hallway.
Don't go up yet, choose the other hallway, which we can access by turning
right a little and then we'll see that hallway.

Continue on this hallway, just remember where our hiding place is. At the
end of the hall is another blocked path, there's a tinderbox here so take
it. In the open room to the right is one more tinderbox for the taking.

Now get out of the room and head back into the hall. This time we are going
to go upstairs! Be ready for a monster encounter! First, head straight
back to where we came from, turn right, then we'll see the stairs going up.
To the left is the hall leading to our hiding room, remember that.

Move up the stairs, suddenly a monster walks into view!!! Quickly run to
our hiding place and hide for a while in the dark. Once you think you're
safe, get out of our hiding place and go back to the stairs and move up.

Once you're up there, you have two choices, you can go forward, or you
can turn right and take that hall. For now let's move forward. The chair
in front of us has a bottle of oil we can take.

Move forward and we'll have a door to our front, and a door to our left.
To the right is another hallway. Take the door to our left and enter it.
A flashback occurs. It's about some guy asking a girl where somebody went.
It seems that Daniel's involved and they're looking for a little girl who

Anyway, look at the ground and you'll find a Chipper. Go into your
inventory and combine the Hammer and the Chipper! Now it's time to get
out of this room.

Move forward and use the Hammer and Chipper on the door to the left. Go
inside. There is an oil barrel inside that you can use to refill your

Go back outside and turn left and continue on. The wind will suddenly
blow out all of the lights! No worries. You'll find another room to your
left. Go inside. You'll hear a monster growl so turn off your lantern.
In the corner of this room you'll find a bottle of oil and a tinderbox.
Wait for a while, there's a monster outside! Just hide in the dark
corner for a while.

After a minute of hiding or so, go back outside and then turn left.
There's a door here. Go inside.

Another flashback occurs. It's about a little girl from the flashback
earlier who doesn't want to escape without her mom. We also find out that
there's a hole in the floor. Push the bed aside and you'll see the hole.
Use the Hammer and Chipper to make the hole bigger then drop down.

XIV. Prison Northern Block Exploration

Prison Northern Block

You're in a tunnel. Keep moving forward. You'll reach a fork in the
tunnel. The left path is blocked, so choose the path to your right. You'll
find that the exit is blocked by rocks. Grab and throw the little rocks
away and push the bigger one outside. Get out and you'll be in the main

You have two choices, go left or go right. Choose left for now. The sign
on the wall says it leads to the Storage. Keep moving. Go up the stairs
and move along. You'll find that ahead of you is blocked by rocks, and
to your left is very dark. Move forward and you'll hear a growl. Turn out
your lantern and hide near the rocks. It could be a monster, or maybe just
sound. Anyway when you're comfortable again, go into that dark hallway.

The sign above says "Cell Area 3". Move on. You'll reach another hall
where you can go left or right. The sign on the wall points to the right
and says "Storage". Choose to go right into the storage. The hall will
turn left, and then you'll have two choices. Go straight or go right.
Choose to go right and a flashback occurs. You'll also notice that there's
an open door. Go inside that room quickly and turn out your lantern! A
monster will be bursting through the door in front of our room! Just
hide in a corner and wait for the monster to do his own wandering.

After a minute or two, it should be safe again. In the room where you are
currently hiding, check the table. There's a tinderbox and a note. Grab
the tinderbox then read the note.

The note just states how guilty Daniel feels because everybody he has
approached about the orb has died. Anyway, let's designate this room as
our hiding place for this part of the game.

Get out of this room then enter the room in front of us.

If the room in front of us still has its door intact, then the monster is
still there! In order to make the monster go away, just nudge at the door
to get its attention, then run back to our hiding place and hide. You'll
hear it destroy its door and then it'll wander around.

Inside the room where the monster was, is a wreck. There's another room
inside so go in. There's a bottle of oil inside so take it. On the far
left corner of the little room is a tinderbox. It's hard to see because
it's fallen and near a cloth.

Anyway get out of that room where the monster was and turn right. Move
on and then turn right again and continue. You'll have two options, move
forward or turn right. To the right is just a door with a strong padlock.
We can't open it with anything so don't bother going right for now. Just
go forward and move on.

You'll have two ways to go again, forward or to the right. Choose to go to
the right and move forward. You'll find two doors to your left and to your
right. Enter the door to your right. A flashback occurs. It's just about
a guy who's now regretting what he's done in prison. Under the table is
a tinderbox.

Get out of the room and go inside the room in front of you. Yikes! There's
a dead guy slumped over! He's naked too! Anyway, go check the floor and
you'll find a bottle of oil. Grab the tinderbox under the dead guy too.

Get out of the room and turn left then move on straight into the room at
the end of the hall. There's a note on the ground, read it. It just talks
about Daniel's meeting with Alexander.

When you're done reading, face the hall and move forward again. You might
hear a monster growl but don't worry, there doesn't seem to be anything

You'll have two choices again, turn left or turn right. Choose to go right.
Move along the hall and there's two ways you can go. Forward to the
Storage or right to the Kitchen. Turn right and move on. You're back
to where there are boulders blocking the path to the left, and you can
only go right. Go right and move on.

Go down the stairs and you might encounter a monster! Turn back and then
go right to the Storage. Go back to the room where we hid in when there
was another monster in the other room and it broke through the door. Let's
wait here for a minute or two.

Get out of the room that we're hiding in. Now that the Kitchen monster is
gone, we can find something that we need. From our hiding place, turn
right and move forward.

We have two options, turn left or right. Turn right and head down the
stairs. You'll find a room. Enter it.

Inside this room, to your left you'll find a chest. Open it and get one
bottle of oil and two tinderboxes. The shelf on the right also has two
tinderboxes for you. In the middle shelf is big Glass Jar. Take the
Glass Jar.

Get out of the room and go up the stairs. Careful, there might be a
monster. If there's a monster, just go back down and hide in the room
until it's gone.

When you reach the top of the stairs, turn left and move on. Turn left
again. Follow the hall and then choose to turn left. You're back to the
area with rocks on the left.

Turn right and continue forward. Continue down the stairs and move on.
We're now back to the starting area where there is a hole we crawled out
from. Move forward.

We have two choices, forward or turn right. To the right, we still can't
open the gate and the door won't budge, so don't bother. Move forward
and we're going to the Kitchen. Move up the stairs and open the door.

We're now inside the kitchen. Look at the table on the right and there's
a note. Read it.

The note speaks about Daniel being advised by Alexander on what really is
going on with the orb and the shadow. Alexander tells him that the shadow
is very slow as it hunts Daniel down, but it kills everything and anyone
who's been in contact with him. Daniel suggests about throwing it away,
but Alexander tells him that he would still be part of the orb and the
shadow will still hunt him.

After reading the note, check the fireplace to the left of the room, you
can take the bottle of oil there. As you approach the center of the room,
you will hear a loud growl! A monster is coming!

Quickly run to where the boiling green thing is at the far end of the room
and turn left. There are pigs hanging from chains again! Quickly crouch
and hide in the corner where the pigs are hanging. The monster eventually
breaks down the door to the kitchen. Just let around a minute or two pass
by as soon as the monster is inside.

Once the monster is gone, you can leave your corner and go to the boiling
green stuff in the drum. Open your inventory and choose the Glass Jar.
Use the Glass Jar on the boiling green stuff in the drum. Now, you have
a Glass Jar of Acid! We'll be able to weaken the locks and finally leave
this place!

Before leaving the kitchen, check the shelf near the boiling green stuff.
There's a Laudanum here. Make your way back and check the other shelf
in the middle of the room that you haven't seen yet. There are two
tinderboxes here.

Get out of the kitchen and move down the stairs. Move forward. Now we
have two choices, forward or turn left. Move forward. Turn right and
move up the stairs.

Turn right and continue on. We're back to where the rocks are blocking
the way. Turn left and continue. Turn right and continue to the

We now have two choices again, forward or right. Continue forward. As
we move along, we meet two choices again, forward or right. Turn right
and continue up to the end of the hall where there is a gate. Pick up
the tinderbox on the ground near the gate.

Open your inventory and use the Glass Jar of Acid on the gate. After the
locks are weakened, use the Hammer and Chipper on the gate. As soon as the
lock breaks, a monster will spot you! Quickly open the gate, close it,
then enter the door to the Cistern!

XV. Cistern Exploration

Good job on getting out of the Prison! That's another area where a lot of
people have given up on due to fear, but since you got out of it, you can
feel quite accomplished!

As soon as you enter the Cistern, you'll have a flashback of Daniel talking
to Alexander about how the sewers are being used as a means of transport.
Alexander also talks about how there are sometimes poisonous fungi at
times, but there's also a vaccine.

When the flashback is over, it's time to explore the place. In front of us
is a structure supporting a bridge above us. There are two more bridges
hanging in the air. Move forward and when you're near the center, look
to the right. There's a pipe spewing out oil. It's an "Oil Drainage".
Open your inventory and use the Glass Jar on it. It will be placed on
the ground and you can pick it up and have a Glass Jar of Oil

Continue into the hall where the "Oil Drainage" pipe is and go down the
stairs. Walk into the water and you'll find out that you can't continue.
You have to drain the water somehow.

Go back into the main Cistern room. Move around the structure at the
center and you'll find a lever and a ladder. Pull the lever. It will need
to be greased first since it's stuck. Open your inventory and use the
Glass Jar of Oil on it. After it's been oiled up, pull the lever again.
The pipe is blocking the ladder from fully going down.

Now we will make the ladder destroy the pipe! Instead of pulling down on
the lever, pull up. This will make the ladder go higher. When it's high
up there, pull down on the lever. It's working! The pipe is bending! Try
it one more time! Good job, now the ladder is working!

Click on the ladder to get on it and move up to climb. Once you're at
the top, move forward. Don't go through the door yet. To the door's left
and right are two levers. Pull them both. The one on the right will bring

the bridge down, while the one on the left is not working.

Anyway, we won't be going into the Control Room yet. Turn around and move
forward. We're gonna cross the bridge on the left. Enter the door to the


Oh no, there's a lot of water! We can almost expect a water monster around
here somewhere. Fortunately there's a lot of platforms for us to walk on
so this should be no problem.

From where we are, move forward to cross the bridge and just continue
moving on this platform. You'll get another flashback of Daniel talking
to Alexander about the water and its other uses.

Look to your right and you'll notice some red stuff floating in the water.
It leads to the stairs to the other platform. Quickly jump into the water
and then climb the stairs to the right. This leads to three boxes. A
tinderbox is on top of a box so grab it.

Turn around and then climb the the other stairs up where the red stuff
leads. Continue moving on this platform and you'll need to jump from
one broken part of the platform to another. One of the easiest ways to
do this is to hold the Run key, move forward, then jump. You'll jump
while running and you'll almost always land perfectly on top of the other

There's a bridge to your left but we don't need to cross it yet. Move
forward until you reach the far wall and jump on the broken parts of
the platform again to reach the valve in the corner.

Yikes! There is a water monster below us! Don't worry about it for now.
Jump again and you'll finally reach the valve. Before you turn the valve,
read the note first. It's just Daniel talking about how great Alexander
was because he's really smart and he knows what he's doing.

After reading the note, turn the valve. This will redirect the sewer
water. Suddenly a strong wind blows, taking out all of the lights! Make
your way back to where the bridge is by jumping from platform to platform.
Be careful not to fall into the water because there's a water monster
waiting for us!

When you reach the bridge, cross it. You'll find a chest on the platform
so open it to get a bottle of oil and a tinderbox. Head back and cross
the bridge again. Turn right and then jump from platform to platform. You
will be back to where there are stairs to your left going down.

In front of you is a large area of water. Beyond are stairs going up.
From the platform, run and jump forward, and continue running until you
are able to climb the stairs! You will get hurt a bit, but at least the
water monster won't get you.

Continue moving along the platform and cross the bridge. After crossing
it, to the left you'll find a raised bridge. Go near it and check it out.
It says it's attached to a rusty chain! Simple solution, we have to hit
the chain with something hard! Find a rock nearby and throw it at the
rusty chain holding the bridge up. The rock is actually just where the
bridge is. There are some more rocks on the platform if you miss.

When the bridge is in position, cross it. Continue moving on the platform.
Jump from platform to platform again. You'll reach an area full of rocks.
No problem. Just carefully step on the rocks to reach the other platform.
After walking on the rocks, you're not on the platform again. This time,
there's a wooden plank that you can cross to the next platform, so cross

On this platform, there's a note on top of a box to the right. Read it.
It's Daniel again talking about how one of Alexander's rituals went
wrong. Those red organic matter appeared and Alexander had to cancel what
they were doing.

Anyway, turn the valve and be done with it. Cross the wooden plank,
navigate your way through the rocks, then jump from platform to platform.
Move on and cross the bridge. Move forward and make it to the edge. If you
check to the left behind the wall, there's another platform that we can
get to. We can't reach its stairs without having to go into the water
though. Since there is a water monster hunting us, grab a rock and throw
it as far away as possible in the opposite direction. When the monster is
distracted, jump into the water and run to the left area where the stairs

Now that you're on this platform, be careful of the steam blowing through
the pipes as they'll hurt you! Wait for the steam to stop, then move
forward. Do this one by one for each pipe blowing steam just to be safe.
After passing through those three steam blowing pipes, you'll find a valve
to turn them off. Turn it to remove the steam blowing danger.

Continue moving along the platform. Cross the bridge and continue on. There
is a note on the box, read it. It's just about Daniel wondering about
what else the orb could do aside from stopping the shadow.

After reading it, look at the wall to the right of the box. There's the
last valve you need to turn so do it. Another strong gust of wind blows
out all of the lights! Anyway we have no business here anymore so it's
time to head back out. Cross the bridge and just move along the platform.
There are no more steam pipes to worry about so just move forward.

Go down the stairs. Wow, the stairs in front of us to the exit is far!
Well, we have no other choice! Just quickly jump into the water and run
as fast as you can until you reach the stairs!

Whew, problem solved! Now just follow the platform back to the main

Once you're out, cross the bridge and you'll be back on the platform. We
are now going to go inside the Control Room, so turn right, head straight
and go through the door to the Control Room.

XVI. Cistern Control Room

Control Room

As soon as you move forward, you'll have another flashback. It's just about
Daniel asking Professor Herbert how they found the site and why the guy
who had the map wasn't with them. Professor Herbert seemingly didn't want
to scare Daniel and told him that plans just didn't go well.

Anyway move forward and you'll find one door to your left, one door to
your right, and a door at the front with a valve to its right. First
thing's first. The door can only be opened when you turn the valve, but
it closes on its own after a while. So that we don't waste our time, just
get two nearby boxes. Open the door so that it will be raised as high as
possible, then stack two boxes on top of each other directly under the
door. This will stop the door from going down and closing. All you have
to do is crouch to go in, but before we go through that door, let's visit
the other rooms nearby.

Let's go to the room to our right. It's a room with a control panel with
valves and chains with weights attached to them. There's also a pipe on
the ground. Move forward and go to the corner with the boxes. There's a
tinderbox there.

Grab the pipe on the floor and exit the room. Just drop the pipe in the
main room, we'll need it later on. From the room where we just came from,
enter the room directly in front of us.

We're now in a similar room to the last, except that the weights and
chains have not been positioned just like in the last room, and the control
panel with valves can be adjusted. To the left of the room is a lit candle
with a tinderbox.

Chain and Weights Solution:

On the control panel are three valves representing the three chains and
weights. Our objective is to make the chains and weights be raised in the
same way just like in the other room.

From left to right, we'll start adjusting the valves.

Important thing to take note of is that the valves have orange handles
located on its top, bottom, right, and left sections. We turn the valves
by always grabbing the Top orange part.

The solution here relies on listening to a clicking sound, which signals
that we have turned the valve and it's already in the right position. We
will be doing Valves 1, 3, and then 2 respectively.

Valve 1:
Grab the Top orange part and turn it three times so that the Top part
ends up on the Left part.

Valve 3:
Grab the Top orange part and turn it twice times so that the Top part
ends up on the Bottom part.

Valve 2:
Grab the Top orange part and turn it around three times. Since we already
got Valve 1 and Valve 3 at the right position, Valve 2 will just snap
into place automatically when we turn it.

Congratulations! We just got through one of the least appreciated puzzles
in the game!

Now that we're done with this Chain and Weights puzzle, from the control
panel, turn around. There is another pipe that we can grab from the ground.
Take it and exit the room.

We now have two pipes. Grab one of them and then put them in the room
accessed by a door with a valve. Since we already put boxes under the
door, all we have to worry about is grabbing the pipes and transporting
them to the other side.

Now that we're on the other side, notice how the room is very messy!
Lots of rocks and stuff. There are three rooms that we can visit, one to
the left, one to the right, and another one directly in front of us.

Let's get rid of the two pipes we're carrying around first. We can use
these two pipes in the room directly in front of us, so take them there
and enter the room.

On the right wall are pipes already attached, while on the left wall are
holes where you can attach pipes. Take your two pipes there and attach
them. When you're done exit the room.

We still have two rooms to visit. From the room we just exited, let's
go in the room to our left.

Wow it's a big machine room! Go down the stairs and turn right, look
behind the stairs and you'll find a bottle of oil. The control panel
can't be adjusted so leave it be. To the left of the room is a table
with a tinderbox and a note. Read the note.

It's just about some guy who thinks his machine is not efficiently made
because it's too huge. Anyway, grab the pipe on the ground, we're going
back to the pipe room where we can attach the pipe. Exit the room you are
in now. To the right is the pipe room, so go there and attach the pipe.

We're now done with the pipes, even if there's still one more place for
a pipe to be put. No need to worry. Exit the pipe room and now we'll go
into the last room we haven't visited yet. Upon exiting the pipe room, it's
on our right side. Go there and enter the room.

It's another big machine room! As soon as you go in, Alexander speaks to
you, seemingly by telepathy, asking what you're doing. Don't mind him.
Proceed down the stairs.

To your right is a table with an important tool, while to your left is
the control panel for the giant machine. Check the table first and grab
the Wooden Crank.

Now, let's check the control panel, we're gonna solve this machine puzzle!

Big Machine Solution:

Look at the control panel. There are four levers that we can pull down.

First Lever: Pull Down
Fourth Lever: Pull Down

After pulling these two down, the giant thing in the middle of the room
will be fully inserted to whatever it is.

Now we can exit the Control Room! Just get out of the room where we just
solved the Big Machine puzzle, turn right, head forward, crouch to get
through the door, then continue forward to reach the door to the main


As soon as you exit the Control room, look to your right and pull the
lever. The other bridge on the right side will finally start to lower
down. Unfortunately it will get stuck midway! Something's jamming it.

Jammed Bridge Solution 1:

Since something is jamming the bridge, we'll need to hit it with something
hard to unjam it. Go to the end of the platform and climb down the stairs.
Find a rock or something on the ground, and throw it up back to the higher
platform. Climb the ladder and find the rock that you just threw. Now grab
the rock and aim for the circular thing where the chains are attached on
the bridge. This should case it to unjam and the bridge will finally be

Jammed Bridge Solution 2:

This solution will get you really hurt and is NOT recommended. Still, if
you're the pretty adventurous type, go ahead and try this solution. Just
be warned that you'll get really hurt!

Notice that the bridge on the left is fully working, while the one on the
right is jammed? Pull the lever of the working bridge up, then run to the
still lowered bridge on the left. You'll have a few seconds to make it

As you get on the bridge, it will start going up! Wait for it to stop and
you'll notice that you're on a higher place than the jammed bridge! Now
run and jump onto the jammed bridge! Your weight will cause the bridge to
unjam, at the expense of your health!

Now that the bridge is unjammed, it's time to cross it and go through the
door and into the Morgue!

XVII. Morgue and The Vaccine

You're probably thinking about how creepy the Morgue is already, and
rightfully so! Anyway, as soon as you enter the Morgue area, you'll have
another flashback. It's about Alexander who tells Daniel that the shadow
has stopped for a little while, and they're on their way to the Morgue.
Daniel asks if there are more dead people there, and Alexander compliments
Daniel that he did well.

Anyway, move forward from where you are. You'll have two choices, forward
or turn right. Choose to go forward and continue on. You'll reach an open
room full of skeletons. A flashback occurs. It's just somebody panicking
after discovering lots of dead people.

There's a shelf on the left with important stuff, but don't worry about
it for now. Move forward in the room and go around the fallen shelf. You
will have another flashback. Somebody's trapped in the room, wishing that
he'd die in his sleep.

After the flashback, go look under the fallen shelf. Just hop on top of
the fallen shelf and you'll see a tinderbox. Grab it. Now go to the still
standing shelf and get the Laudanum and the Copper Tube.

Get out of the room and move forward. Now we're back near the start. This
time, choose to go left.

Yikes! There's a dead body on the table! Anyway, no need to panic yet. Go
near the table with the dead body and you'll have another flashback. It's
just Alexander noticing wondering if Daniel has changed his mind.

Touch the dead guy. You'll find out that he's still warm and he's just
stiff from rigor mortis. Go check the shelf in the corner of the room for
a tinderbox. There's also a note on the other shelf, so read it.

It's just about a plague that spread among the people when the sewers was
opened due to some fungi. It also speaks about a vaccine being developed.
After reading, go check the table with the candle, there's a note there.
Read it.

The note just states that the vaccine was a success, and there's no more
worry about passing the sewers. After you're done reading, check the
drawers of the table. You'll find a tinderbox and a Laudanum. There is
also one of those "memory canisters" that we've been seeing all throughout
the castle. Touch it.

The memory canister, which belongs to Alexander (how he made those we have
no idea), talks about how he saw evil in Daniel. Daniel is also tainted
by the shadow, so he wouldn't be able to pass through whatever gate he
was talking about. He also mentions that he might have to do to Daniel what
Agrippa did to him, which is cruel.

After reading that, open the door to the right of the table with the
memory canister. It's a room full of dead people in the middle of low
water. Let us assign this room as our hiding room, because later on, we'll
need to hide here! Prepare this already. The corners of this room are
dark enough to hide well, so you wouldn't have to worry if the time comes.

Exit the room full of dead people in the water. To our right is the last
unopened door. Open it and enter the room.

This room is the actual morgue where the dead bodies are being kept or
incinerated. Nothing is in here, and it's a horrible hiding place because
of the bright light at the center of the room. Exit this room and go
back to where the dead body is on the table. We are now going to get
the vaccine from the dead guy!

Getting The Vaccine Solution:

Stand in front of the dead body on the table. Open your inventory and
choose the Hand Drill. Use it on the dead guy and you will drill a hole
in his head! Next, choose the Copper Tube from your inventory and use
it on the guy. You just stuck the tube into the hole in his head! Finally,
choose the Hollow Needle from your inventory and use it on him. Oh my
lord, now you need to inject yourself with his blood. How? Touch him and
you'll ram yourself into the needle, giving you his blood!

Congratulations, you have now been vaccinated! But don't celebrate yet!!!
There's an incoming monster!!!

As soon as you're done being vaccinated, go near the exit door, but do NOT
open it! A monster will suddenly start breaking it down!

Quickly run into our designated hiding place, the room with lots of dead
people in the water! Hide in the corner before the monster breaks down the
door!!! Wait a minute or two until the monster is gone.

When everything is back to normal, exit your hiding place, turn left,
exit the room, continue moving through the hall, turn left and go back
into the Cistern.


Move forward and cross the bridge. When you're on the platform, turn
right and climb down the stairs. Turn left and head to the hall where
it was once filled with water. Go down the stairs and let's enter the

XVIII. Sewer Exploration


Move forward and open the door. Climb down the stairs. Move forward and
you'll hear a monster growl! Climb back up the stairs before it sees you.
Wait a minute or two and it should be gone.

Climb down again when you think it's gone and move forward. When you reach
the open room, there's a giant motor thing spinning in front of us, and
we can go left or right. Behind the giant motor is another area that we
have to access.

First, let's turn right and grab some supplies. Walk down the path to the
right. You can go forward or right. Just keep moving forward, to the right
has nothing.

As you are following the path, you'll see a pipe to your right. Look inside
and you'll find a tinderbox.

Continue following the path and you can turn left or straight. There is
nothing on the left, so head straight. There's a pipe about to be broken
here. Grab the pipe and move your mouse around until it finally breaks and
falls into the water. Grab the Pipe and it'll be in your inventory.

Now it's time to go back into the open room. Go back the way you came from,
it's not too far. If you still need directions, from where you got the
pipe, just turn around and follow the path, never taking left or right,
just keep going straight.

When you're back into the open room, it's time to go into the other path,
which is in front of us. As we reach the center, another flashback occurs
of a man who doesn't want to be taken away.

Keep moving forward into the new area. You'll have three choices, forward,
left, or right. Choose to go right and move on. There will be two rooms
to your left and right. The room on the left has lots of rocks, while
the room in the right has a broken ladder. Let's designate the room on
the left with rocks as our hiding place just in case.

Anyway continue moving forward. Straight ahead is a blocked path, while
to the left is the room that controls the motor spinning. Go into the
room to your left.

Inside the room is an oil barrel, so be sure to fill up your lantern. To
the right are two control panels with one lever each. We are going to
make the motor spin slowly so that we can jam it with the broken pipe.

Spinning Motor Solution:

There are two control panels with a lever. Below each lever is a drawing
of a gear, from small, medium, to large. The solution here is based on
how loud the machine is spinning. The louder the sound is, the faster the
motor spins. We need the sound to become the lowest so that the motor will
spin slowly.

Stand on the control panel to the left which has the roman numeral I. Set
the lever to the smallest gear.

Stand on the control panel to the right which has the roman numeral II. Set
the lever to the largest gear.

You'll notice that now, the sound is a lot quieter! Congratulations!

Exit the room and move forward.

YIKES! A monster will growl even before you could reach the bottom of the
stairs! Run back into the motor control room and hide behind the pipes
at the far back of the room. Wait for a minute or two until it's gone!

Go back out and move forward. Turn right and continue forward. Turn left
and move forward until you get back to the room with the spinning motor.

When in the place with the spinning motor, go near it, but DO NOT touch it
or you'll get hurt! Open your inventory and choose the Pipe. Use it on the
spinning motor and it'll get jammed!

Crouch and move forward under the motor and into the new room. There's
nothing of interest here, so continue moving forward.

Be on ALERT! In front of us is a blocked path, and to our right are stairs
going up into another room! Quickly run up the stairs and go into the room
and hide! A monster will break the blocked path and hunt us! Just run
forward inside the room and hide at the far end where the rocks are.

Is it a flashback or telepathy? Somebody talks to you and tells you to
quickly turn around because the shadow is chasing you. Anyway just
continue hiding near the rocks. Wait a minute or two until the monster is

When it's pretty safe again, turn around and move out of the place with
rocks. Notice that the entire room is full of red organic matter. In
the room are chopped up parts of a monster!

Near the entrance to the tiny area with rocks where you hid, to the right
is a Laudanum, take it.

Now we have to escape from the sewers!

XIX. Escape From The Sewer

When you're ready, exit the room we just hid in. Crouch and move down
the stairs. YIKES! The monster might just start breaking in through the
blocked path if it somehow didn't happen earlier! Quickly run back into
the room and hide in the corner at the far end with the rocks. The monster
will break down the door to your room and search, if you're hiding near
the rocks, you should be fine. Wait a minute or two.

When the coast is clear get out of the room and go down the stairs. Crouch
while in the water and we have two choices, turn left or right. Turn left
and move forward. The path has been broken, so just continue on while
still crouched.

Continue moving along the path and you'll find a room with where you can
go left or straight. Before we continue on, I'll describe the entire room
so you have an idea of what we're dealing with.

The room is square shaped. Right now, we are coming from the corner where
we can go left or straight. If we take the left path, when we reach the
end, a monster is guarding at the middle when we turn right. This is bad.

If we head straight, we will eventually turn left, then move forward, then
turn left (we just moved around the square), and the monster is still

In front of the monster is the escape path that we have to take. In other
words, we'll need to distract the monster with something so that he'll
go somewhere else.

From where we currently are, we have a choice of going left or straight.
Choose to go left while still crouching. Pay attention to the wall to
our right. We need to find a rock.

Midway our path we'll see a big rock, and there are smaller rocks above
it. Grab one rock, be careful not to drop it! After you have a rock make
your way back to the corner from where we came from.

Take the other path where we have to go straight from our corner entrance.
Before we continue on this path to go around the square room, THROW the
rock to the path on the left side! This will distract the monster and
call it there! At this point, make a run for it and go through the path
that the monster was guarding!

Head up the stairs and follow the path, open the door and shut it behind
you then continue running! Open another door and shut it, then finally
climb the ladder to the top!

XX. Nave Exploration

Nice job! That ugly monster was horrible! Anyway we're now in what is
called the Nave. We just exited through a well. Look around the well and
find the rope. Near the rope is a tinderbox, grab it.

In front of the rope is a slightly open door. Go inside and you'll find
that rocks are blocking the way. There's a tinderbox near the rocks so
take it as well. Exit the room.

Stick to the right and move forward. There's a door with red markings
near it. We're not going in there yet. Skip it and move to the next door.

Go inside and move forward. You'll find a room with two levers. To
the left is a tinderbox so grab it. There's also an oil barrel so go ahead
and refill your supply. To the right is a table with a note. Read the

The note is part of Daniel's diary. Daniel speaks about how people had
to die just to save himself. It was the only way with Alexander's ritual.

Don't bother with the two levers yet, they can't be operated just yet.
Exit the room. Turn left and we'll go through the door that we skipped

Enter and move forward. Open the door and you'll find that you're in a
place with a very long stairway spiraling down. Make your way to the bottom
of this place.

At the bottom, there's a door to our right, and an area to the left with
lots of barrels and boxes. Go to the left. Just below the first torch on
the wall is a tinderbox. Continue along this area and near the end, one
of the boxes will have two tinderboxes on top. When you're done grabbing
the supplies, go back and go near the door.

A flashback occurs. It's about Agrippa wondering if Alexander's method will
leave him paralyzed. Alexander just tells him that his life will be safe,
Agrippa couldn't do anything.

Go through the door. To the right is the Laboratory. We can't go in it
right now since it's boarded up, but remember this place because we'll
need to go there later.

Turn left and continue forward. Open the door and go down the stairs.
Don't be scared of the monster chained up near the wall. Go near it but
not too near because there are spikes that can hurt you.

As you get near the chained up monster, it will ask you to help it by
pulling the switch nearby. While still looking at the monster, look to
your right and pull the switch.

The monster will thank you, for pulling the switch. I have no idea what the
switch did though. The monster will introduce himself as Agrippa! Hey,
he's the master of Alexander! Anyway, he'll learn that you're Daniel and
he tells you not to worry about Alexander because he doesn't have an orb.
After you seemingly tell him (maybe via telepathy?) that Alexander has one,
he starts to worry. Agrippa tells you that Alexander took his orb a long
time ago but broke it by accident. He informs you that you will need the
six broken pieces of the orb if you wish to stop Alexander. The pieces of
orbs are the torture are and the Choir.

Agrippa continues to ask you a favor that if you find anything about a
Mr. Weyer, bring it to him because the information might include something
about a tonic that will help you take him to fight Alexander.

Agrippa will continue to be a talkative guy while you're in the area. If
you listen to him long enough, we find out that Johann Weyer is another
of Agrippa's students. Weyer was able to find a way to use the orb to
take him "beyond the stars", probably to another dimension or reality.
Agrippa was too scared to join Weyer before, but he's regretting it now.
Agrippa also tells us that Alexander also wants to go to wherever it is
that Weyer went. This is the reason why Agrippa's being kept hostage by
Alexander all these years. Alexander's hoping that Weyer will show up
to take Agrippa, and he wants Weyer to take him as well and not be left

When you're done listening to the story, turn left and you'll find a table.
There's a bottle of oil on it, take it. Jump on the table where the bottle
of oil was. Look up. There's a trap door on the ceiling. Open it. Jump
up and you'll notice that only one gear is working. We need to make the
other gears work. To make reaching the gears easier, grab some boxes from
nearby and pile them up on the table so you can jump on them and reach
the non-working gears. Touch the gears.

Nice, the gears are now working properly! Now get down from there and
head back up the stairs and through the door. Move forward and go through
the door to your right. Climb the spiral stairs all the way up. Go through
the door and then exit the room.

You're now back to the room with the well where you came from. Let's go
back to the room with levers. It's the room to our right, enter it. Pull
up the two levers. We're going to go back down to where Agrippa is.

Exit the room and enter the room to our left. Continue forward and go
through the door. As soon as you're back to the spiral stairs area,
Alexander will talk to you telepathically. He tells you that you've gone
too far and he'll really have to stop you this time.

Make your way down the spiral stairs and go through the door. Turn left
and move forward. Go through the door and go down the stairs. As you reach
the bottom, Agrippa compliments you for a job well done. Turn right and
move forward. We have three choices, go left, go forward, or go right.

Go left. Follow the hall and you'll find an open door. Don't go inside
just yet. All it has is a well with a water monster at the bottom. It's
safe. Just remember this room because we'll need to go here again later.

Continue moving forward. And we'll reach the door to the Transcept. Enter

XXI. Collecting The Orb Pieces and Agrippa's Tonic Ingredients


In front of us is a giant room with spiral stairs in the middle. There are
also three doors. One to the left, middle, and right. Let's go to the
spiral stairs first. As you move forward, you'll get another flashback of
a poor man being tortured by Alexander.

Climb the spiral stairs. Enter the room, wow it's beautiful! To your left
is a tinderbox on a table. The shelf in front has a bottle of oil. On
the table is a piece of string, grab it. Open your inventory and combine
it with your Glass Jar. You now have a Glass Jar On A String.

Check the drawers of the table. You'll find a note so read it. It's just
a note detailing how to effectively torture someone. There's a memory
canister here as well so touch it. It's just about Alexander saying that
his name's already been tarnished and everybody thinks he's dangerous,
and sooner or later, they will kill him.

When you're done, exit the room and climb the stairs down. As soon as you
reach the ground, head straight into the room in front of you and enter it.
Continue on and enter the room at the end. It's a torture room.

To the left is a tinderbox. To the right is a cabinet, open it. Good job,
this is your first piece of the orb! Grab it. Go ahead and touch the
torture device in the middle of the room for a memory. Look on the wall.
There's a crank you can turn. Turn it for a surprise!

Exit the room and go back to the main Transcept area. As soon as you get
out, go to the room on the left and enter it. Continue on.

A flashback occurs. A man is being set on "The Cradle" and pleads that
the bad thing he did was an accident. Daniel feels horrible but Alexander
convinces him that they are dealing with criminals and monsters.

Go inside the torture room and another flashback occurs. It's just the
man suddenly saying he's innocent and not to continue with the torture.
To your left is a chair with a tinderbox, grab it. To the right is a bunch
of sacks. Move the sacks to reveal another orb piece, take it. Touch the
torture device in the middle for another flashback.

Exit the room and go back to the main Transcept. Now it's time to go into
the last room we haven't visited. It's the room to our left, so go and
enter it.

Move in and don't worry about the crying. Enter the torture room.

The bucket to our left has a tinderbox inside. Get it. There is another
piece of orb near the ropes, so take it. Touch the red thing in the middle
of the room. It's a torture device used to punish a rapist.

Look on the ground under the red mist thing. There's a grate, open it.
There is blood but you can't reach it normally. Open your inventory and
choose your Glass Jar On A String and use it on the blood. Good job, you
now have a Glass Jar of Blood!

Get out of the room and into the main Transcept. Let's exit the Transcept
by going to the door on the left from where we exited, which is very far
from us. Go through this door into the Nave.


Just continue moving forward until we get back to the room where Agrippa
is. Agrippa will suddenly talk to us and comliment us for a job well
done. He tells us to go into the choir this time and find the other pieces.

Move forward directly in front of us to the next hall. There will be a
door to our left. Let's go inside first. The shelf on the left has a
tinderbox. On the table is a note, read it.

The note speaks of Alexander admitting to holding Agrippa hostage. It also
seems that Alexander is not from the human world, because he was banished
from wherever it was a long time ago, and the only way he could go back
home is if he releases Agrippa to Weyer. He doesn't trust Weyer that much
because he might just trick him and he'll still be stuck on earth.

Check the table for one more tinderbox. There's also a memory canister so
touch it. It's just Alexander speaking about how he has seen people grow
old and die, while he remains alive. A shelf in the corner has a Laudanum,
grab it.

Exit the room and turn left, it's time to enter the Choir.

Choir Entrance

Move forward. There are two doors, to your left and right. Open the door
to your right and enter it. It seems like a ritual room. The table on the
left has a tinderbox, grab it. Touch the torture table in the middle of
the room. Exit the room.

Enter the room directly in front of you. There's a note on the torture
table, read it. You'll suddenly have a very vivid flashback. A prisoner
is going to be in front of you, and you'll have a dagger nearby. Grab
the dagger. The prisoner will try his hardest to escape, but he can't.
Magic lines will be drawn on his chest. Touch this.

The ritual will be over and the door will open. Exit the room. You'll be
transported back to reality. Exit the room and turn left. Head down the
stairs and go through the door.

Choir Main Hall

Try not to use your lantern! There are big monsters here who will get you
if they see your light! Crouch low, this is how we will be travelling
around this place.

As soon as you enter the room, you will automatically look left. Crouch and
move to the left. Just keep hugging the wall going left. Alexander will
suddenly tell us via telapathy that it is our fault that all these
happened. If Daniel only accepted his punishment, nobody else would have
had to die.

Anyway continue hugging the wall to the left while crouched, keep moving.
You will reach a door at the end, enter it.

This is the room with the upright sarcophagus. Before going near the
sarcophagus, go to the right and you'll find an area with a Laudanum. Turn
around and head straight to the other area at the other end. There's a
tinderbox here.

Go back to the center of the room and approach the sarcophagus. It will
open, but it's nothing to worry about. Don't touch it or you'll get hurt.
There is another area to the left of the sarcophagus. Go there and pick
up another piece of orb.

It's time to exit the sarcophagus room.

Once back outside, go back into crouching position and just move forward.
After a while, you will find a bridge to your left. DO NOT CROSS IT.
There is a nearby monster on the other side, and we want to avoid all
monsters at all cost. Keep moving forward.

You will eventually reach the edge, and your only option is to turn right.
Turn right and move forward. There's a bridge to your left, cross it.

After successfully crossing the bridge, continue moving forward. The rocks
in front of you has a bottle of oil and a tinderbox, grab them.

Move to the wall and turn left. Now we'll move forward while hugging the
room to our right. Just keep moving along the wall to our right and we'll
eventually find a path going to the right, take it.

Continue on this path and we'll be able to choose between left or right.
Choose to go right. We'll reach another room. Enter it. A flashback occurs
where Daniel talks to Alexander about the victims of the torture device
called The Wheel.

Move on and enter the torture room. There's a giant wheel inside. On the
corner of the room is an orb piece, grab it. Touch the wheel. It describes
about what happened to one victim.

Exit the torture wheel room back to the main Choir Hall. Keep crouching
and move along the right wall. You'll reach the end where there's a
collapsed pillar but no bridge. Fortunately, the collapsed pillar reaches
the other side. There's a tinderbox just under the connecting collapsed
pillar so don't forget to take it.

Jump on one part of the collapsed pillar. The easiest way to do this is
to jump on the first broken piece of the pillar that you find by facing
the area where it got broken. This will let you get on top of it. After
you successfully got on top of this, jump on the connecting collapsed
pillar and cross to the other side.

Keep crouching and hugging the right wall and move along. You'll reach
another area where you can turn right. Turn right and keep hugging the
right wall, and move towards the door ahead.

Before you enter, look at the right nearby the door. There's a bunch of
muchrooms. Touch the largest one. It says that it can be broken open.
Use your Hammer and Chipper on it. The mushroom breaks open and now
you can grab the Poison Gland.

Now it's time to go through the door. Continue to move in and enter the
main room. On the upper right corner you can find the last piece of orb.
Take it. Touch the torture device in the middle of the room.

Below that Brass Bull, you can light it up. If you have a tinderbox to
spare, go ahead and light it. You'll have another surprise! When you're
done, exit the Brass Bull room. It's time to get out of the Choir!

As soon as you exit the Brass Bull room, crouch and keep moving along the
wall to the right. You'll have reach a part where you choose to go straight
or right. Go straight and you'll reach the end. At this point, turn left
and move along the edge to your right. You'll eventually reach a bridge,
so cross this and just continue moving slowly forward. You'll finally
reach the door to the Choir Entrance.

Choir Entrance

Just go up the stairs and head straight. Go through the door to get back
to the Nave.


Continue moving forward until we're back to the room where Agrippa is. As
soon as we reach this room, Agrippa will compliment us again! What a nice
guy! Anyway, we still haven't found the last ingredient for his tonic. He
requests us to make the tonic first before we put the orb back together
in order to face Alexander.

There is only one place we haven't gone to, and it's to our right, the
dark place. Go through this door. To our immediate left is a tinderbox
on the shelf. Hug the left wall and continue moving. Open the door but
there's nothing in here. Continue moving and there's another door to our
left. Nothing in here so just continue moving. Don't go up the stairs yet.

As we move to the center of the area, there's a door to our left, we don't
need to go there yet. Just move forward, then hug the wall to your left
again. Don't go up the stairs.

There's another door, open it but there's nothing inside. Continue on and
you'll find another door to your left. Open it and go inside. Finally, we
find a tinderbox inside! Grab it.

Now it's time to go up the stairs. Go up the nearest stairs (it's on our
right). Now that we're on a higher level, there's a torch burning near
us, and there's a door. Enter the door. Yikes! Oh, just a gust of wind,
nothing to worry about.

Get out of the room and continue moving forward. There's another door to
our right. Open it. There's a tinderbox inside so grab it. Exit the room
and continue on. Two more rooms in front of us on the other side.

Open the door of the nearest room and enter. You'll get a flashback about
some guy who doesn't like his situation as a prisoner. Exit the room and
move on. Open the last door to our right, nothing in here.

Continue moving forward and look at the table. There's a piece of Meat,
grab it. Go down the stairs. Let's go back to the room where Agrippa is.

In this room, we can go left or right. Remember the room with the well that
holds a water monster under it? We're going back there! From where we are
just as we got in the area where Agrippa is, turn right and move on.

Enter the room to our right and go near the well. Open your inventory and
choose the Meat. Use the Meat on the rope that's just dangling above
the well. Nice! The water monster would like to eat this one.

Look at the wood behind us for the crank and turn it all the way until the
water monster is able to eat the meat. After a few seconds, the meat would
have been devoured. That monster would've left it's saliva on the bones,
so turn the crank again to raise the rope.

You'll see that only the bone remains! Grab it and you'll have the Remains.
Good job, now we have all the ingredients to Agrippa's tonic. Let's get
out of this room and return to the room where Agrippa is.

At this point, we can go forward or turn left. Turn left to go back to the
holding cell area where we found the Meat. Open the door and continue
forward. You'll reach the door to the Chancel. Enter it.


Move up the stairs and continue on. Open the door and enter the room. Wow,
bright bluegreen lights and... YIKES!!! A bunch of monsters! It's an

Don't worry, this is actually part of the storyline. We're supposed to be
ambushed by monsters at this part. After getting knocked out, we got thrown
into a cell. I guess those monsters have some sort of intelligence after

XXII. Escape From The Cell


As we regain consciousness, Alexander speaks to us telephatically again.
He tells us that he was worried that we almost got him. He also tells us
that Daniel and him are alike. They just both want to survive from the
shadow, and they can do whatever it takes to make sure of this.

Quickly look at the corner to your right. There's an oil bottle, grab it.
Check the bars on the right side. There's a broken bar. Grab it and move
your mouse to break it. The iron bar falls near you. Grab it and the Iron
Bar will be in your inventory.

Look to the wall to your right. There's a bare wooden bed. Pull it and
put it in front of the hole you just made through the bars. Now jump
towards the hole and crouch while you're still in the air. This will allow
you to fit through the hole, congratulations! For some odd reason, the
wall breaks down in your room! Just when you could've used a bigger hole!
Oh well.

Now that you're outside of your cell, turn left and move forward. There's
a cell to your left but it doesn't have anything so don't bother. Continue
moving while hugging the left side and you'll find another cell. Enter it.

There's a bottle of oil behind the overturned bed. Pull the bed and grab
the bottle of oil. There's also a note on the floor, read it. The note
was written by a prisoner who has lost hope. He also talks about a guard
who dropped a key in one of the pipes nearby.

Exit the room and continue moving along the left side. There's a broken
cell. Enter it and everything will turn black. Don't worry about this.
When the lights come back on, there's a dead naked guy on the bed near
you. Continue inside, there's one tinderbox on the right corner, and
another one near the rocks on the left.

Get out of that cell and continue moving. Enter the last cell on our left.
There's a tinderbox behind the fallen chair. There's also a Laudanum under
the bare wooden bed. Grab the Wooden Bucket and exit the room.

Go to the well in the middle of the area. Turn the crank to raise the rope.
Choose your Wooden Bucket from the inventory and use it on the rope. Turn
the crank again to lower the bucket. After reaching the bottom, turn the
crank again to raise the bucket. Now grab your Bucket of Water.

While facing the crank, turn right. Near the torch is a broken pipe. Use
the Bucket of Water on the pipe and the key will be washed down. Grab the
Rusty Key.

Go to the door and use the Rusty Key on it. Open the door, and as soon
as you open it, START RUNNING DON'T LOOK BACK! Open the door and shut it
behind you. Keep running and another door will be blocked by debris!
Don't panic. Just pull the rocks away and the wood. Open the door and
shut it. That simple.

Continue running and shutting doors behind you. When you get to the part
where you have to choose between running left or right, choose to run to
the left!

This might be a random event. On my first playthrough, I remember that when
I had to choose between left or right, I chose to run left. The left path
was blocked and the path with the lit torch was open. This could be one of
those random situations.

Keep running and you'll reach an area with water. Don't panic because there
is almost no way that you'll fail now. The only hard part of this escape
were those rocks and the wood that you had to move to get through the door.
Aside from that, everything is just a straight run.

Run up the stairs and open the door. You'll be back in the Nave.

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