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Why did Daniel drink the Amnesia potion?
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RE: Why did Daniel drink the Amnesia potion?

(10-31-2010, 04:11 PM)iNEXSERTiON Wrote: They just never attacked him?

That's a nice plot point and game mechanic in hindsight: the monsters see you much sooner if you look at them, ergo when you are afraid of them. That's why Daniel described them in his journal as "skulking" and never being seen despite always being near - Alexander, who "made" them from the remains of his unfortunate victims, didn't want Daniel to loose his mind before he helped him extract enough Vitae to make the orbs work; after Daniel realised what was going on, the only way to get past all the servants was to forget what they were - since if he knew, he would be so terrified of them that the first one would have found and killed him right away.

Also, i agree with the theory that Daniel needed to forget what he had done in order to remain sane; if he would be forced to relive all the gruesome things over and over again in his head, he would be probably soon reduced to a gibbering wreck lying in a dark corner and waiting for death.

Better to reign in hell than to be a servant in heaven.
11-02-2010, 11:45 AM
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