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HPL Sound Test (Windows)
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RE: HPL Sound Test (Windows)

0. Overall questions

Q0.1. What are your computer specs?GeForce 6200, Celeron D 2.66 ghz, 5.1 speakers, with a 5.1 card, and im using direct x9. Oh and the audio program I use is Audio program I use is Vinyl Deck.

Q0.2. Have you tried some other games which use OpenAL? And how did they perform?I'm really not sure if I have..

Q0.3. Did the test run on your computer? If not, please write down any error messages you got. It ran perfectly

Q0.4. Did it play sound throughout the tests at all? Yes.

Q0.5. Did you notice any glitches/strange noises in any of the tests? Nope

1. Positional Audio Test Questions

Q1.1. When any of the moving sources are playing, are they panning correctly? Did for me.

Q1.2. Source 1 gets close and away from the you while it floats around, this should be noticed by changes in the sound volume when playing. Is this working this way for you? That's how it worked for me.

Q1.3. When Source 2 is playing, the SubWoofer should play too, independently of the Source position. Is this working correctly for you? Ya my sub. worked.

Q1.4. The ambient sound should play through all the speakers, no matter where you are looking at. Does this work OK? Worked fine.

2. GUI Sound Test Questions

Q2.1. The GUI Sound should come from the front speakers only. Does this work Correctly for you? If not, explain how it is doing. No it did not. It just came from all of my speajers.

Q2.2. Try pressing the "Play Sample" button quickly several times. Does this produce any glitches in the output? It cut out the remaining part from the sound before.

3. Stream Test Questions

Q3.1. Did the stream play correctly? From which speakers did the output come? Played correctly, and it came from all of the speakers.

Also, if you find any bugs or anything that feels wrong, don't hesitate to tell us! That would be very kind of you Wink
Didn't find any bugs.

Thanks a lot for testing Smile
No problemSmile
01-07-2007, 03:40 AM

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