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Norwegian Woods (WIP)
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RE: Norwegian Woods (WIP)

Lee: No, you're not. I haven't gotten around to quest's etc yet. The only "progress" you can achieve this far is getting down to the flooded area, find the key and unlock the door by the dining room.
But didn't any scripted events or such occur? More detailed:
Spoiler below!
Monster appear when walking around in kitchen? Skull flying off desk? Grunt appearing to break the door blocking you down in the flooded level where you find the key? (if at least the two last ones seem unknown: check under the bed in one of the cells)
And thank you so much for the kind words§ I guess the level design itself is the only arena i have any experience with from before.

Lee & DamnNoHtml: I pretty much knew that it would be laggy as hell, though having a high end system it's hard to destinguish when too much is too much (the lag i feel is quite passable). I just wanted to add lot's of detail to the dining room xD

DamnNoHtml: sorry about the newbie question, but what do you mean by shadowcasters? To many torches? Or too many objects in front of lights in half of the map?
10-09-2010, 12:28 AM
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