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2007-01 Monday 15th, Video Diary 2
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RE: 2007-01 Monday 15th, Video Diary 2

Isn't this like the 3rd video diary?(Physics, puzzles, now monsters)

There were a few glitches with the wolve, when it howled it entered slightly into the wall. And are there something wrong with these wolves or something? For being "wild animals trying to kill you" they don't even look to see if any danger is coming when they eat. Doesn't the dog family have faily good smell?

But that was interesting, the game seems really bright for me.. (But you might have turned the generator on which turned lights on or something)

Sometimes, if you look carefully at a wall for a few minutes, you'll realize you wasted some time.  It's true.
01-15-2007, 04:53 PM
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