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2007-01 Monday 15th, Video Diary 2

RE: 2007-01 Monday 15th, Video Diary 2

Hey, you know I just noticed upon rewatching that it appears you're having trouble getting the AI to see you without shining a flashlight in its face. It seemed that in order for the dog to see the meat you had to shine a light on it, too... I know you say the dog was reacting to the sound, but then why the flashlight?

I'm guessing these issues will all get resolved, though, sooner or later so no sweat. Wink

gamgam2 Wrote:And are there something wrong with these wolves or something? For being "wild animals trying to kill you" they don't even look to see if any danger is coming when they eat. Doesn't the dog family have faily good smell?
A dog is not going to look around first to see where the meat came from. They're not smart like that. Any dog is going to tear into the meat right away no questions asked. They're ravenous, simple creatures.
01-16-2007, 03:07 AM

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