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Get Penumbra Collection for close to nothing!
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Get Penumbra Collection for close to nothing!


We are working on a new payment system and to test it out we would be grateful if some forum users could help us a little bit by making purchases.

The new store is here http://mobile.frictionalgames.com. It is not a store for mobile phones, rather it is a store where you use your mobile phone to buy stuff that are then charged on your monthly bill or prepaid amount. So you do not need a credit card or paypal or anything like that to purchase our games!

For this testing session we are setting the lowest available price possible, the way the mobile phone market works we can not decide exactly what amount to charge. Different countries and different operators offer different prices one can sell for. But in general it should be around 0.5-1 USD/EUR it will cost you and for this you get a full version of Penumbra Collection.

We are mainly interested in getting feedback on technical difficulties or problems you have completing a purchase, but any feedback is of course welcome!
10-26-2010, 07:44 AM
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