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What unsettles you most in a CS?
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RE: What unsettles you most in a CS?

For me is a combination of things, ambiance, sounds, the unknown.
When you get to know the actual danger, how it is and what it does, the fear is pretty much over so the Amnesia monsters don't work for me -or any of us- anymore.

I don't think any game or movie gave me nightmares, maybe when I was a child, but anything remotely spooky can cause nightmares to kids.

An advice could be to focus on horror when making your mod, nothing matters as long as you get horror.
You can build your scene, room, map, game, however you want as long as it works, and you obtain horror.
Another tip is to use new content, people is tired of the same assets. It's better to have small effective levels with new content than large ones filled with repeated random stuff.

Some reading you may find interesting:

09-11-2016, 06:05 PM
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