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A Late Night Drink: The Last Sip Released
DeAngelo Offline
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A Late Night Drink: The Last Sip Released

Well it's been in development for 2 years because I'm a lazy prick. Big Grin But I've finally released my next Amnesia custom story. It's a sequel to A Late Night Drink, so if any of you played that you know what to expect (though in some ways this one is pretty different)


I had Juras create me a custom monster to my specifications. It doesn't have many animations since I only intended to use it for some scripted scares, but feel free to use it however you see fit, just give me and Juras credit wherever you use it.

And that's it for me. I need a break from game development. Might see you all later if I decide to try out the Soma tools.

A Late Night Drink http://www.moddb.com/mods/a-late-night-drink
Check out my LP channel, CatBearGaming, I take all Custom Story requests!
10-09-2016, 02:16 PM
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