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Looking for help with level design
WilkoMilk Offline
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RE: Looking for help with level design

(10-31-2016, 11:51 PM)Mudbill Wrote: It's good to see members still inspired to do work with Amnesia. A quick glance at your previous work looks to be a very good project for being your first Amnesia CS.

About your plans here though. How do you plan to acquire the things you've listed?
- How will you get the custom monster? Do you do 3D sculpting or know someone who do?
- Are you a music composer, or are you able to find royalty free music online?
- If you are to include NPCs, how will you do that? Same thing with the 3D sculpting may apply to this question.
- You had voice acting in your other work, so perhaps it won't be an issue to get for this one. But do you have it settled?

Are these questions what you know it will feature or what your goals are that it will feature? Sounds more like the latter. It's nothing wrong with being ambitious, but be careful about chewing more than you can eat. Make your mod manageable. That's a mistake many make, where they start a project that is too big for them to finish, and then it ends up only partially finished. I'm guilty of that myself.

Just some words.
If you've got it all planned, I wish you luck with your project! Smile

PS: If you're recruiting people, it might be a good idea to have some work to show off. You're showing your previous work, which is good, but for this project, you'll drive a lot more engagement if you have some content to display so that people can judge if this is something they want to join in on.

There are a lot of freelance people who do 3d sculpting and who are quite afordable to hire for making couple of models and animations.

By npc's I meant something akin to what amnesia did with agrippa. Stationary npcs to talk with, instead of the good old voice from behind a door.
Same as above.

Including new models and animations in to the software is where my problem starts. I have no idea how to do it but well, its simply something I'll have to learn somehow.

I know couple of people who are composing music for example the person who did my previous ost for TWWF.

Voice acting is the easiest part x3

You're right most of these are goals I'm willing to achieve and I'm quite aware of my own limitations and the softwares. I know I can pull all this off if I'll get some additional help and motivation ^ ^
My previous mod had a lot of bugs and design choices I'm not happy with and so in this new one I'm going to fix everything that was work with my previous work and improve on everything that wasn't good.

Right now I'm at the making levels phase which is the nail in the coffin for me because I HATE designing levels xD That's why I'm so desperate for someone to help me out with it. I'm quite a perfectionist and I tend to over do my thinking and detailing sometimes.

Thanks for your kind words!
11-01-2016, 02:16 AM
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