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Not all Custom Stories show...
Manatim Offline
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Not all Custom Stories show...

Hello everyone.

I'm interested in trying to play with some Custom Stories for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but I've ran into an issue. I've used the same installation procedure for 4 different CSs, those being Obscurity, Tenebris Lake, The Attic (full version) and The Greak Work.

I've used the regular method of extracting the compressed files of each CS into their own respective folder, with all 4 folders (one for each CS) being placed inside the Custom Story folder. Then I used the Amnesia ModLoader to detect mods located in this folder. Out of the 4 CSs in the Custom Story folder, only Tenebris Lake was recognised by the ModLoader.

.png   AtDDCSs.png (Size: 182.43 KB / Downloads: 10)

I've looked through installation guides to try and fix this issue, but with no success. I've also seen posts referring to a certain "redist" folder, but I can't find any such name in any of my folders and files.

Could someone help me? I'll provide with as many details as I can provide. Thank you very much for your attention. Happy gaming!
03-19-2017, 10:59 PM
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