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SDP - A new Custom Story from Darkfire
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SDP - A new Custom Story from Darkfire

ModDb (click on the image):

[Image: 5ZZ4kKe.png]

The mod is soon to be released.

Plot premise:
Ethan Roscoe sets sail for the desolate Madden Island - the new home of his cult-fanatic twin brother, Clyde. He hasn't given a sign of life for way too long, so Ethan decides to pay him a visit.

[Image: 6wly71t.png]

This mod features:
-Plenty of new assets
-Original music made specially for this CS
-New potions
-Photos as part of gameplay
-Enhanced, yet simplistic crafting system
-Tinderboxes getting back a crucial gameplay role
-Never seen before, subtle hint system
-Levels which are actually relevant to the story
-Rarely featured environments, such as sea, coasts, mountain woods and lakes

[Image: hUelIyK.png]

This mod does NOT feature:
-Poorly lit maps;
-Annoying sanity drain;
-An excuse of a story with no clear purpose;
-Poofing monsters coming out of closets;
-Teleporting naked guys shoving themselves at your screen;
-Teleporting-behind-you knight armours;
-You know what, no teleporting at all;
-Any other cringeworthy jumpscares either;
-Areas as plain as a pizza with no topping;
-Reading books (I mean, come on, my last mod had notes that were three-pages long);
-Rare monster encounters (Previously there were only three over the course of the three-hours-long mod)

[Image: lKXpIlr.png]

Yeah I hear the Peace^lords are after you or some shit
07-18-2017, 04:13 PM
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